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Under the theme “Protected together, #VaccinesWork,” World Immunization Week 2019 will spotlight three key groups of people who are vital to ensuring everyone is protected against vaccine-preventable diseases – health workers, the public, and donors/leaders. This approach will help humanize immunization efforts, with the hope of encouraging more people to be involved in supporting and sharing positive vaccination messaging on social media. To support, guide and unify partner, donor and influencer efforts to mark World Immunization Week, this digital toolkit provides suggested language, graphics, animations and shareable partner content for audiences with an interest in global health and audiences outside the US.

World Immunization Week 2019 will begin on Wednesday, 24th April, and continue through Tuesday, 30th April. Certain days have an accompanying theme with suggested relevant language and content. The theme from Friday will carry through the weekend. Partners will be able to support this effort throughout World Immunization Week through the following activities:

  • Communicate shared messages that highlight the importance of immunization as a top global health investment priority and showcase immunization’s role in sustainable development and global health security
  • Disseminate content and participate in World Immunization Week digital campaigns using your online channels (e.g., social media, blogs, listservs/newsletters)

Share this digital toolkit with other relevant global health organizations and/or individuals and encourage their support

Top-line Messages (additional messaging and details included in the Appendix)

WHO requested the partners identify the following as priority messages for World Immunization Week communications:

  • Vaccines save and improve lives.
  • Too many people still do not have access to vaccines.
  • Together, we can ensure vaccines reach the people that need them most. Together, we are “protected together.”

The Global Immunization Division developed social media messages for the week to coincide with these priority message, as well as messages tailored for specific diseases throughout the week provide an opportunity to increase the visibility of the messages by targeting audiences who are disease-focused rather than focused on vaccinations/immunizations in general. Therefore, the suggested disease-specific messages highlight these top-line messages when possible, while the toolkit allows partners the opportunity to select sample messages based on their audience’s needs.

World Immunization Week 2018 Digital Campaigns

Sample Language, Graphics and Animations

The following sample social media messages for World Immunization Week can be customized and used to share the digital campaigns above as well as the graphics and shareable content included below. WHO proposed a specific theme for certain days during World Immunization Week. Evidence from past digital campaigns reveals that partner adherence to the daily themes generates a unified voice throughout the observance weeks. As such, the suggested disease-specific messages also follow the daily theme proposed by WHO, when possible.

  • Primary Hashtag: #VaccinesWork

General Immunization Messages

Wednesday, 24 April – Theme: The Engaged Public – We protect each other #VaccinesWork

Disease knows no borders. Disease can spread from an isolated, rural village to a major city in as little as 36 hours! You can keep yourself out of harm’s way by getting #vaccinated #protectedtogether #VaccinesWork

  • Don’t let disease and viruses ruin your trip or your life. Get the necessary vaccinations before any international travel. #Vaccinces + #Passports = #Safe Travels #ProtectedTogether #Vaccineswork
  • Immunization keeps us protected together against health security threats #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork

Thursday, 25 April – Theme: Equity: Ensuring vaccines reach the poorest keeps us protected together #VaccinesWork

  • Join CDC and our global health partners in our effort to eradicate vaccine-preventable diseases #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork
  • Immunization is a proven tool for controlling and eliminating life-threatening infectious diseases and is estimated to save 2-3 million lives each year. #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork

Friday, 26 April – Theme: You & Your Family – Individuals and their families as heroes for getting immunized and ensuring it’s a community norm. The lengths parents go to ensure their children are immunized and power kids have to protect their friends and family by getting vaccinated #VaccinesWork

  • Global measles outbreaks are on the rise and pose a serious threat to global health security. CDC and global health partners urge every country to continue vaccinating to reach more than 95% immunization coverage and to assure disease surveillance capacities can detect any new cases.
  • Measles is extremely contagious as it spreads when an infected person breathes, coughs, or sneezes. CDC recommends that a person receive two doses of measles containing vaccine in order to prevent measles and stop outbreaks now occurring in every region of the world.

Shareable Content

Photo Essays

Photo Essay-Polio Campaigns in Africa-

Photo Essay-Female Health Workers- Essays:

Blogs/Feature Stories

  • Wednesday, April 24th – Release of Dear Colleague Letter from CGH Director and Division Director on WIW
  • Friday, April 26th – Overcoming Refusals to Polio Vaccination in Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Monday, April 29th– Ebola Vaccination of HCW in Uganda, Blog- Preparedness Works: Responding to Measles Outbreak in Columbia
  • Tuesday, April 30th– Yellow Fever Campaign in DRC, Blog Readying the World for Maternal Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine (guest blog by PATH)
  • Graphics
  • Website: Around the World Newsletter, WIW Landing Page. Social Media Cards
  • Video graphic using social media cards-Measles


  • Wednesday, April 24th – World Immunization Week Landing Page Launch

Partner Content/Events

WHO – World Immunization Week 2019External

Various campaign materials are now available including the.

  • postersExternal (English only for now and other languages will be available shortly). The posters can also be arranged side by side to show the interconnections (building on the chain of protection concept)
  • Starter toolkitCdc-pdfExternal to help partners spread the WIW messages through two #Thowback Thursdays (TBTs)  and 3 campaign focus days looking at the role of three groups who are vaccine heroes (You & your family; health workers and vaccine innovators).

Editable templatesCdc-pptExternal and quote cardCdc-pptExternal for partners to adapt and use

CDC, Partner and Donor Twitter Handle Appendix

CDC Atlanta
Organization Twitter Handle
Advanced Molecular Division @CDC_AMD
CDC Global Health @CDCGlobal
National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID) @CDC_NCEZID
National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP) @CDC_HIVAIDS
National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) @DrNancyM_CDC
National Prevention Information Network (NPIN) @CDCNPIN
Organization Twitter Handle
American Red Cross @RedCross
Gates Foundation @GatesHealth
Global Citizen @GlblCtzn
Global Polio Eradication Initiative @GPEI
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies @Federation
Measles Rubella Initiative @MeaslesRubella
MenAfriNet @MenAfriNet
PATH @Vaccines
Rotary International @Rotary
United Nations Foundation @ufoundation
CDC Country Offices
Organization Twitter Handle
Kenya @CDCKenya
South Africa @CDCSouthAfrica
Namibia @CDCNamibia
Malawi @CDCMalawi
Haiti @CDCHaiti
Rwanda @CDCRwanda
Nigeria @CDCNigeria
India @US_CDCIndia

Social Media Cards

These social media cards are just some of the graphics that can be used by parties participating in World Immunization Week.

World Immunization Week

The following social media cards can be used with social media messages created for the daily themes/vaccine-preventable diseases.

WIW 2018 Theme




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