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Decoding GHSA

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Decoding GHSA: Global Health Security Agenda

To stop disease outbreaks as quickly as possible, we must close gaps in prevention, detection and response. That is the vision of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA).

US Goal: Protect up to 4 billion people in 30 countries in 5 years


  • Disease spread faster and farther
  • Not prepared: About 70% of countries not prepared
  • Economic impact:
    • SARS – $40 billion globally
    • Ebola – More than $30 billion globally


  • Prevent avoidable catastrophes
  • Detect threats early
  • Respond rapidly and effectively

Targets and Action Packages:

Prevent Avoidable Catastrophes
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Zoonotic Diseases
  • Biosafety/Biosecurity
  • Immunization
Detect Threats Early
  • National Laboratory Systems
  • Surveillance
  • Reporting
  • Workforce Development
Respond Rapidly and Effectively
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Public Health and Law Enforcement
  • Medical Countermeasures and Personnel Deployment


GHSA Timeline

  • Feb: GHSA Launch in Washington, DC
  • May: Commitment Development Meeting in Helsinki, Finland
  • Aug: Commitment Meeting on Zoonotic Diseases in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Sep: Summit Announcing Country Commitments in Washington, DC
  • Dec: US Congress passes $1.9 billion Emergency Funding Request for Ebola and Global Health Security Agenda
  • Jan: Steering Group Meeting led by Finland in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Mar: 17 US Government Phase I Partner Countries Selected
  • June: Second GHSA Steering Group Meeting in Paris, France
  • July: Building Health Systems Beyond Ebola in Capetown, South Africa
  • Sep: Ministerial Meeting in Seoul, South Korea


  • Feb: First Joint External Evaluation (JEE) TANZANIA
  • May: U.S. JEE takes place
  • Oct: Third Annual Ministerial Meeting “Practice to Be Ready” ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS
  • Nov: Executive Order “Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats” signed


  • Jun: Uganda becomes the first country to complete two external health security assessments
  • Jun: 50 JEEs completed


The GHS Agenda will:

  • Prevent illness and death from infectious disease threats globally and domestically
  • Improve countries’ ability to meet the priorities they set for themselves (International Health Regulation compliance)
  • Reduce impact to travel and trade

As of August, 2017

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