Global Health Security Agenda: GHSA Reporting Action Package (GHSA Action Package Detect-4)

Global Health Security Agenda web detect 4

Five-Year Target: Timely and accurate disease reporting according to WHO requirements and consistent coordination with FAO and OIE.

As Measured by: Number of countries trained for reporting of potential public health events of international concern to WHO and to other official reporting systems such as OIE-WAHIS. (and/or)
Number of National IHR Focal Points connected to the learning package on reporting to WHO.

Desired National Impact: Countries and their National IHR Focal Points, OIE Delegates, and WAHIS National Focal Points will have access to a toolkit of best practices, model procedures, reporting templates, and training materials to facilitate rapid (within 24 hours ) notification of events that may constitute a PHEIC to WHO / listed diseases to OIE and will be able to rapidly (within 24/48 hours ) respond to communications from these organizations.

Country Commitments to Action Package:

  • Leading countries: France
  • Contributing countries: Israel
  • Contributing international organizations: FAO, OIE, WHO

Five-Year Action Items:

Actions will be coordinated, as appropriate, with relevant international organizations including FAO, OIE and WHO.

Baseline Assessment and Planning Activities
  1. Utilize existing data and new technical consultations with WHO, in liaison as appropriate with OIE/FAO, to assess best practices at the national or regional levels, and review barriers that impact the timeliness, accuracy, and transparency of reporting.
  2. Develop a toolkit of best practices, model procedures, reporting templates, and training materials, which will include the OIE notification obligations as appropriate and be distributed by WHO to all States Parties to the IHR.
Monitoring and Evaluation Activities
  1. Evaluation consistent with the WHO process to assess IHR implementation by State Parties and with the OIE PVS Pathway.

7 According to IHR article 6 and OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code, Chapter 1,1 – Article 1,1,3.
8 According to IHR article 10.

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