Reported Infections with Variant Influenza Viruses in the United States

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When people are infected with influenza A viruses that are known to be genetically similar to viruses circulating in swine, these viruses are called “variant viruses” and denoted with a letter “v”. The FluView Interactive Novel Flu A tool reflects the most current case counts for variant virus infections reported in the United States since 2010.

Most infections with variant viruses have occurred in children (persons 18 or younger) and most cases have reported direct or indirect exposure to swine prior to onset of illness. Limited transmission from close contact with an infected person has been observed in some investigations of human infections with variant viruses, but sustained human-to-human transmission has not been documented.

This applications shows information collected on human infections with novel influenza A viruses and allows users to view case counts by geographic location, virus subtype, influenza season, and calendar year.

Human Infections with Novel Influenza A Viruses