Join CDC’s Seasonal Flu Prevention Efforts

The National Influenza Prevention and Vaccination Campaign aims to increase flu vaccination rates among all people 6 months of age and older across the United States, with a special focus on health care professionals and those populations at high risk of flu complications including pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, seniors, and young children.

Join the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and campaign partners in promoting vaccination messages using various digital platforms and partner resources.

CDC Thanks Partners

CDC sends a special “THANKS” to all partners for their significant contributions to promote and provide flu vaccination and prevent influenza across the United States. The overall success of this vital public health service depends on the support of partners at all levels—public health professionals, advocates, medical providers, community stakeholders and concerned consumers from across the country. We appreciate your time, energy, and commitment to public health.

Dr. Joe Bresee, chief of the Epidemiology and Prevention Branch in CDC’s
Influenza Division, expresses gratitude to the partners of the National
Influenza Vaccination Campaign.