CDC Fiscal Year 2021 Report on Non-CDC-Hosted Scientific Meeting Spending

In compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act this report includes all non-CDC-hosted scientific meetings held in FY 2021 where the expenses associated with the scientific meeting exceeded $30,000. The descriptions include:

  • The date of the scientific meeting
  • The location of the scientific meeting
  • A brief explanation of how the scientific meeting advanced the mission of the agency
  • A description of exceptional circumstances for scientific meetings where expenses exceeded $150,000
  • The total scientific meeting expenses incurred by the agency for the scientific meeting and
  • The total number of individuals whose travel expenses or other scientific meeting expenses were paid by the agency
Fiscal Year 2017 Non-CDC-Hosted Scientific Meetings
OPDIV Total Number of Scientific Meetings Total Cost Total Number of Attendees Total Number of Attendees (no travel paid by CDC) Total Number of Federal Attendees
Total Number of Non-Federal Attendees
CDC 3 $258,975 555 555 535 20

Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services

CSTE 2021 Annual Conference

Dates: June 13-17, 2021

Venue, City, State, or Country: Pittsburgh, PA (Virtual)

How the Meeting Advanced the Mission of the Agency: The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) Annual Conference connects public health epidemiologists from across the country  and allows attendees to share their expertise in surveillance and epidemiology as well as best practices in a broad range of areas including informatics, infectious diseases, substance use, immunizations, environmental health, occupational health, chronic disease, injury control, and maternal and child health.

Description of Exceptional Circumstances:  CDC is the lead public health agency in the nation and internationally, and sets best practices and procedures in the field of epidemiology. CDCs presence at this conference will allow the Agency to present on these best practices and be part of the discussions that set policies and procedures on data collection and surveillance strategies. The goal of this conference was one of the key missions of the Agency.

CDC also has a cooperative agreement (CoAg) with CSTE through the Partners – Umbrella CoAg in CSTLTS. Several CIOs fund numerous projects within the CoAg which are monitored by project officers, subject matter experts, and technical monitors. The conference allowed these monitors to connect in-person with the CSTE project leads on the ongoing projects through one-on-one meetings and presentations.

Total Estimated Cost: $159,515

Total Attendees: 434

Total Feds: 422

Total Non-Feds: 12

(HiMSS 2021) Health Information Management Systems Society Annual Conference

Dates: August 9-13, 2021

Venue, City, State, or Country: Las Vegas, NV (Virtual)

How the Meeting Advanced the Mission of the Agency: The meeting’s purpose was to explore and learn current and emerging health science policy and practice issues, to share experiences, enhance knowledge, and generate new ideas for improved healthcare through educational topics like interoperability, meaningful use, patient engagement, and value of health IT, which advance the science and practice of public health surveillance and informatics.  CDC is the nation’s lead agency in public health prevention-CDC has always developed, endorsed, and disseminated guidance to improve preventive health care programs and exercised leadership in public health policy development and implementation.

Conference participants had access to educational sessions and the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in health care technology to transform patient care, experience cutting edge healthcare IT products that transform health information exchange, network with physicians, nurses, HIT executives, clinical engineers, public health professionals, pharmacists, and others.

Total Estimated Cost: $63,320

Total Attendees: 29

Total Feds: 26

Total Non-Feds: 3

Center for Preparedness and Response

2021 NACCHO Preparedness Summit

Dates: April 13-15, 2021

Venue, City, State, or Country: Atlanta, GA (Virtual)

How the Meeting Advanced the Mission of the Agency: “Crisis is Commonplace: Transforming Your Community’s Public Health Preparedness Practices” convened more than 1,000 public health, healthcare, and emergency management professionals to focus on how to adapt our preparedness and response infrastructure to this reality. The conference highlighted tools, resources, and policies that enable us to meet the many challenges we as public health professionals continue to face every day; to join discussions to identify current priority areas in public health and healthcare preparedness, to discuss emerging practices and theories that can be applied to improve community preparedness and community resilience; and to identify opportunities to engage with national stakeholders on federal guidance and policy issues that will impact state and local preparedness.

Total Estimated Cost: $36,140

Total Attendees: 92

Total Feds: 87

Total Non-Feds: 5 logo