Pay.Gov Information for CDC Customers

Introducing Pay.Gov

CDC, in partnership with the Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS), has implemented the use of an electronic government collections system called Pay.Gov. Pay.Gov offers the federal government an Internet method to collect debts owed to them via Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Credit Card processing. FMS provides this service free of charge to federal agencies.

Easy and Efficient Payment Options for Customers

Pay.Gov allows customers multiple ways to settle their CDC debt. Instead of mailing checks, customers can make payments online using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) or credit card processing features. CDC has established six payment forms that will allow customers to pay debts using the Internet. The new forms are:

  • CDC Vessels Sanitation
  • CDC User Fee
  • CDC Travel Advance Repayment
  • CDC Reimbursable Agreement – Only For Non-Federal Agreements
  • Sponsored Travel and Miscellaneous Payment

Customers can make one-time payments or recurring payments. Pay.Gov offers customers the option to create customer profiles that can expedite recurring transactions. All processing is done via the Internet as an added efficiency for customers and CDC.

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Automated Clearing House (ACH) Feature

ACH is a quick and easy solution for customers instead of paper check processing. By utilizing the ACH feature, customers will be able to process payments using their personal or business checking and savings account. Initially, the customer will select and complete the fields on the form for which they would like to make payment. After completion, the customer can submit the form which will take them directly to the ACH/credit card option. Once ACH is selected, the customer inputs the necessary information and follows the prompts for submission.

Like most online payment operations, customers will need to provide their account type, routing number, account number and check number (if applicable) to the Pay.Gov system. A customer can process up to $99,999,999.99*via ACH. Once the transaction is complete, the customer will receive an email that captures the details of the specific transaction with verification of the payment.

CDC can post these transactions the following business day, thus applying payments and reducing the amount owed to CDC. The payment limit applies to all invoices and forms.

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Credit Card Feature

The credit card feature offers additional flexibility for customers. Pay.Gov accepts cards from the following companies:

  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

However, to offer free credit card processing, credit card transactions are subject to dollar limits depending on the type of invoice/form being paid. The credit card limits for the forms are as follows:

  • CDC Vessels Sanitation: $24,999.00 Maximum Per Transaction
  • CDC User Fee: $24,999.00 Maximum Per Transaction
  • CDC Travel Advance Repayment: $24,999.00 Maximum Per Transaction
  • CDC CRADA: $24,999.00 Maximum Per Transaction
  • CDC Reimbursable Agreement: $24,999.00 Maximum Per Transaction
  • CDC Miscellaneous Payment: $24,999.00 Maximum Per Transaction

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Direct Links to Pay.Gov Forms

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