Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Report on Conference Spending

In compliance with OMB Memorandum M-12-12 (“Promoting Efficient Spending to Support Agency Operations”) this report includes all CDC-hosted conferences held in FY 2019 where the net expenses associated with the conference exceeded $100,000. The conference descriptions include:

  • The date of the conference
  • The location of the conference
  • A brief explanation of how the conference advanced the mission of the agency
  • A description of exceptional circumstances for conferences where net expenses exceeded $500,000
  • The total conference expenses incurred by the agency for the conference
  • The total number of individuals whose travel expenses or other conference expenses were paid by the agency
Fiscal Year 2020 Conferences
OPDIV Total Number of Conferences Total Cost Total Number of Attendees Total Number of Federal Attendees
(travel paid by CDC)
Total Number of Non-Federal Attendees
(travel paid by CDC)
CDC 4 $658,219 1,114 204 203

Center for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support

Orientation Training for Public Health Associate Program 2019 Class

Dates: November 19-22, 2019

Venue, City, State, or Country: CDC Headquarters, Atlanta, GA

How the Conference Advanced the Mission of the Agency: The Center for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support’s (CSTLTS) mission is to advance U.S. public health agency and system performance, capacity, agility, and resilience. The overall purpose of the 2019 Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) Orientation training was to provide associates a forum to share information about their field assignments and program requirements, and build knowledge and skills essential to achieving success in the workplace. The training fulfilled HHS and CDC University’s PHAP trainee competencies to increase their skills and abilities to accomplish the mission of CSTLTS and to assist state, tribal, local, and territorial (STLT) health departments increase their capacity for public health delivery. The training provided trainees starting their two-year fellowships with the required knowledge and skills to better equip them in completing their duties on behalf of their STLT health departments, and increased their ability to seek employment in the field of public health. The PHAP trainees contributed to the agency’s mission by expanding the capacity and performance of partner STLT health departments during their fellowship.

Total Estimated Cost: $175,016

Total Attendees: 152

Total Feds on Travel: 110

Total Non-Feds on Travel: 0

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

2020 Preventive Research Centers

Dates: January 22-24, 2020

Venue, City, State, or Country: Marriott Perimeter, Atlanta, GA

How the Conference Advanced the Mission of the Agency: The Preventive Research Centers (PRC) Meeting is a fundamental part of CDC’s obligation to provide assistance and guidance to funded academic institutions and partners. The PRC kick-off meeting was necessary to provide uniform information to awardees about the PRC program’s requirements, deliverables, and expectations. The awardees received hands-on training on data entry and using the program’s data collection tool, Program Evaluation Reporting System (PERS) and Research Performance Program Report (RPPR). This meeting provided awardees with the opportunity to network with other awardees and CDC subject matter experts and other governmental and non-governmental partners.

Total Estimated Cost: $209,911

Total Attendees: 202

Total Feds on Travel: 0

Total Non-Feds on Travel: 1

National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases

Vector Week 2020

Dates: February 25-28, 2020

Venue, City, State, or Country: Fort Collins Marriott, Fort Collins, CO

How the Conference Advanced the Mission of the Agency: Vector Week (VW) 2020 created an awareness of new vector control diagnostics, strategies on vector control, and best practices through collaboration, trainings, and speakers. The conference also provided new information on vector-control, insecticide resistance, vector surveillance, outbreak response, case investigation, education, and outreach, and shared the National Strategy for Vector-Borne Disease Prevention and Control with participants. VW 2020 provided a forum for information sharing among Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity grantee jurisdictions, and provided training opportunities through hands-on demonstrations. Moreover, VW 2020 provided the opportunity for networking with and technical assistance from CDC’s subject matter experts, and allowed CDC SMEs to hear from jurisdictions regarding their needs, and to share translational research and program accomplishments to benefit jurisdiction programs.

Total Estimated Cost: $166,001

Total Attendees: 400

Total Feds on Travel: 24

Total Non-Feds on Travel: 2

National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases

2020 Immunization Awardee Meeting

Dates: January 28-30, 2020

Venue, City, State, or Country: CDC Headquarters, Atlanta, GA

How the Conference Advanced the Mission of the Agency: The National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) convened the Immunization Awardee Meeting (IAM) to support its constituency of 64 state, territorial, and local NCIRD awardees in their goal to enable immunization managers to work together to effectively prevent and control vaccine-preventable diseases and improve immunization coverage in the United States and its territories. The meeting convened participants from federal, state, territorial, and local immunization programs that are funded to achieve the work of the Immunization Services Division (ISD) mission, to “protect individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases through provision of federal funds and contracts to purchase vaccine, the provision of technical and financial support of immunization programs, provider and public education, and evaluation and research.” The purpose of the program is to support efforts to plan, develop, and maintain a public health workforce that helps assure high immunization coverage levels, low incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases, and maintain or improve the ability to respond to public health threats.

Total Estimated Cost: $107,291

Total Attendees: 360

Total Feds on Travel: 70

Total Non-Feds on Travel: 200 logo