Managing Diabetes

People with diabetes are living longer, healthier lives. The driving force? Healthy lifestyle changes and better diabetes management. But the number of Americans with diabetes is still growing, and it’s more important than ever to manage the disease to reduce health complications and improve quality of life.

Season 2 Videos

Living Well with Diabetes

A healthy lifestyle is your road map for managing diabetes and avoiding complications.

Diabetes Myths

Separating diabetes fact from fiction with science-based information.

Ann’s Journey

CDC’s Dr. Ann Albright shares her personal story about living with diabetes.

Getting Support

Diabetes care is a lot to manage. Family and friends can lighten the load!

Diabetes Self-Management Education

Get the knowledge and skills you need to manage your diabetes and lower the risk for complications.

Season 1 Videos

Managing Diabetes

Eat well, move more, know your numbers, and see your health care team to stay on track.

Friends, Family & Diabetes

Support from family and friends can make diabetes a more manageable part of life.

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