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Identify Jurisdiction-Specific Case Investigation Tools

Identify Jurisdiction-Specific Case Investigation Tools

Case Investigation Training Plan

Updated June 22, 2020

An electronic guide, self-paced eLearning, or live training (whether through videoconference or a live course on a learning management system) describing jurisdiction-specific protocols and resources is recommended, along with opportunities to answer case investigators questions via teleconference and an online frequently asked questions (FAQ) document that is regularly updated based on teleconference discussions and other feedback from the field. The use of additional scenarios to guide role play is recommended to reinforce jurisdiction-specific protocols.

Content describing non-CDC tools on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to indicate endorsement, actual or implied, of the tools. Additionally, information on this site is provided “as is,” for users to evaluate and make their own determination as to their effectiveness.

This page may be updated as new resources become available.

Topic areas

  • Receiving assignments
  • Confidentiality and privacy requirements
  • Use of information systems to collect case data and record case investigation efforts
  • Documenting calls
    • Specifics of local processes and data collection
  • Non-English-speaking contacts
  • Communication impaired contacts
  • Follow-up resources for cases
  • Field investigations
  • Discussion of how case investigators should share insights from the field – point(s) of contact, regular check-in calls or webinars, online FAQ etc.
  • Resources/referrals for clinical consultation and/or monitoring of cases in high-risk individuals
  • Resources/referrals for special circumstances for case investigation in congregate settings, correctional facilities, workplaces, and shelters
  • Closing out a case
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