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Define COVID-19 Contact Tracing Protocol

Define COVID-19 Contact Tracing Protocol

Contact Tracing Training Plan

Updated May 15, 2020

Live training (whether through videoconference or a live course on a learning management system) or an eLearning course with knowledge checks is suggested so that learners can receive immediate feedback. Inclusion of a post-test – as well as an electronic guide describing jurisdiction-specific protocols – is strongly recommended.

Content describing non-CDC tools on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to indicate endorsement, actual or implied, of the tools. Additionally, information on this site is provided “as is,” for users to evaluate and make their own determination as to their effectiveness.

Topic areas

Describe in detail the actions and requirements associated with each step of the contact tracing process

  • Test
  • Investigation and elicitation
  • Trace
  • Quarantine or isolate
  • Follow-up

Learn what “a day in the life” of a contact tracer looks like by hearing from an experienced contact tracer

Question-and-answer session

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