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Apply COVID-19 Contact Tracing Protocol to Realistic Scenarios

Contact Tracing Training Plan

This page may be updated as new resources become available.

Live training (whether through videoconference or a live course on a learning management system) is suggested so that learners can receive real-time feedback and ask questions. Breakout sessions with smaller groups could be effective if multiple trainers or facilitators are available.

  • Review contact tracing protocol
  • Apply contact tracing protocol to the following scenarios:
    • Recent contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 but no signs/symptoms
    • Recent contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 with signs/symptoms
    • Someone with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 with no history of ill contacts
    • Feedback from trainer(s)/facilitator(s)
  • Practice handling difficult calls
    • Role play with trainer/facilitator feedback
Printable Sample Learning Plan

View or print all learning objectives and courses for the contact tracer sample training plan.

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