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Stay Safer While You Wait for COVID-19 Vaccines

Stay Safer While You Wait for COVID-19 Vaccines
Updated Apr. 30, 2021

Stay Safer While You Wait for COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 can still spread easily.
COVID-19 can spread between people.
Stay safe while you wait for COVID-19 vaccines.

Some COVID-19 vaccines have 1 dose.
Some COVID-19 vaccines have 2 doses.
All COVID-19 vaccines teach your body to fight COVID-19.
All COVID-19 vaccines need 14 days to teach your body.
Stay safe between COVID-19 vaccine doses.
Stay safe while you wait 14 days after your last dose.

Wear a mask to keep everyone safer.
The mask must cover your nose.
The mask must cover your mouth.
The mask must fit under your chin.
The mask must be snug on your face.

Stay at least 6 feet away from people outside your home.
Stay away from crowds.
Stay away from inside places with lots of people.

Wash your hands often.
Wash your hands with soap and water.
Wash your hands for 20 seconds.
Sing the happy birthday song twice while washing your hands.

Use hand sanitizer if that is all you have.
Rub the hand sanitizer all over your hands.
Rub your hands until they feel dry.
Washing your hands with soap and water is best.

Original Guidance: Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People

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