Help Children Learn at Home

Help Children Learn at Home

Keep Children Learning While School's Out

Stay in touch with your child’s school

  • Many schools are offering lessons online (virtual learning). Review assignments from the school, and help your child establish a reasonable pace for completing the work. You may need to assist your child with turning on devices, reading instructions, and typing answers.
  • Communicate challenges to your school. If you face technology or connectivity issues, or if your child is having a hard time completing assignments, let the school know.

Create a flexible schedule and routine for learning at home

  • Have consistent bedtimes and get up at the same time, Monday through Friday.
  • Structure the day for learning, free time, healthy meals and snacks, and physical activity.
  • Allow flexibility in the schedule—it’s okay to adapt based on your day.

Consider the needs and adjustment required for your child’s age group

  • The transition to being at home will be different for preschoolers, K-5, middle school students, and high school students. Talk to your child about expectations and how they are adjusting to being at home versus at school.
  • Consider ways your child can stay connected with their friends without spending time in person.

Look for ways to make learning fun

  • Have hands-on activities, like puzzles, painting, drawing, and making things.
  • Independent play can also be used in place of structured learning. Encourage children to build a fort from sheets or practice counting by stacking blocks.
  • Practice handwriting and grammar by writing letters to family members. This is a great way to connect and limit face-to-face contact.
  • Start a journal with your child to document this time and discuss the shared experience.
  • Use audiobooks or see if your local library is hosting virtual or live-streamed reading events.

Ask about school meal services

Check with your school on plans to continue meal services during the school dismissal. Many schools are keeping school facilities open to allow families to pick up meals or are providing grab-and-go meals at a central location.

Fun Online Family Activities

Free, federal resources to learn something new from the comfort of your own home


NASA Kids’ Club

NASA Kids’ Clubexternal icon

Engage your children in space and Earth science through interactive games and videos.

FBI Kids and Teens

FBI Kids and Teensexternal icon

Learn more about the FBI through age-appropriate games, tip, stories, and interactivities. Kids’ Corner Kids’ Cornerexternal icon

Teach children about the importance of nutrition and physical activity through interactive activities and games. Resources for Youth Resources for Youthexternal icon

Find games, fun activities, and information about money and budgeting for kids and youth.

EPA’s Teaching and Learning about the Environment

EPA’s Teaching and Learning about the Environmentexternal icon

Challenge yourself to riddles, quizzes, puzzles and science experiments about the environment.

CDC activities for kids and teens

CDC activities for kids and teens, solve an outbreak! game, and play CDC Health IQ Resources to help kids and teens learn about healthy lifestyle choices. You also have the opportunity to be a real-life disease detective by solving an outbreak.

Videos and activities

Ready Kids

Ready Kidsexternal icon

Disasters happen everywhere, and every member of the family can prepare. Find activities intended to help the entire family prepare and act during a disaster.

National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Artexternal icon

Find activities, lesson plans, films and other materials to bring the art world in your home.

US Forest Service National Forests

US Forest Service National Forestsexternal icon

Find a webcam with live critters, photos, and videos of kids camping and exploring nature.

Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Association of Zoos and Aquariumsexternal icon

Although many zoos are currently closed, you can still connect with animals through online events and live videos.


EDSITEmentexternal icon!

National Endowment for the Humanities: Explore key moments throughout history with interactive maps, guided poetry readings and discussions.

National Park Foundation

National Park Foundationexternal icon

Find park activities that you can do from the comfort of your own home, from immersive audio experiences to virtual tours of parks.