CDC has updated its guidance for people who are fully vaccinated. See Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People.
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CDC’s COVID-19 Partner Calls

CDC’s COVID-19 Partner Calls
Updated June 2, 2021

CDC invites representatives from community-based organizations, local government, the private sector, academia, and the general public to learn more about how they can help slow the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. We feature experts from different parts of CDC’s COVID-19 response to deep dive into specific topics, helping you learn more about the latest scientific findings, guidance for operations, information resources, and answering your COVID-19 questions.

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Upcoming Calls

May 24: Pregnant during a Pandemic: What the data says about COVID-19 and the Vaccine

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Submitting Questions for Upcoming Webinars

Please visit CDC’s COVID FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered. To submit a question, please email eocevent337@cdc.gov. Include in the subject line the date of the partner call you’re submitting a question for. Questions must be submitted the Wednesday before the corresponding call. We will do our best to address questions received but we cannot guarantee all questions will be answered.

Questions from media outlets should be submitted to media@cdc.gov.

Past Calls

Calls are recorded. The three most recent calls are listed below. Explore CDC’s COVID-19 Webinar and Partner Calls page for more.

COVID-19 Partner Update: Keeping up With Critical Diabetes Care and Prevention During COVID-19

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