Responder Stories

Responders waiting in line to enter hospital

CDC has thousands of responders supporting the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about their unique stories.

Man wearing mask

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. So when the staff at CDC’s office in Fort Collins, Colorado, started seeing a dire, nationwide need for personal protective equipment (PPE) as COVID-19 spread, they got creative.

Screeners reviewing arrivals

Health Communication Specialist Jill Brown normally spreads the word about CDC research to news outlets and the public. But in mid-January, she joined the first wave of CDC volunteers screening arriving passengers at San Francisco International Airport.

A medical officer in PPE giving a toy to a child in quarantine

CDC Medical Officer Dr. Vikram Krishnasamy is a veteran of several responses, but he says COVID-19 is a different type of outbreak.

Chief Medical Officer for CDC’s COVID-19 response John Brooks social distances from home office with his cat, Cosmo.

Working long days from his socially distanced dining-room table, Dr. John Brooks is looking for clues to bring COVID-19 to an end.