What CDC is Doing

CDC aims to reduce the burden of congenital CMV.  We work closely with national experts to conduct research and increase awareness of CMV among the public and healthcare providers.

Specific activities include:


  • Evaluating the various laboratory tests for newborn screening for CMV
  • Determining the most effective screening approaches to identify babies with congenital CMV
  • Characterizing the impact of the disease in various populations, and
  • Assessing the long-term outcomes of children with congenital CMV.


  • Updating our CMV website regularly to include the latest information about congenital CMV
  • Developing and disseminating CMV resources – including fact sheets, graphics and videos – to educate pregnant women, parents, and healthcare providers about congenital CMV
  • Promoting National CMV Awareness Month in June, and
  • Working with partners to ensure our messages about congenital CMV reach healthcare providers, pregnant women, and parents of children born with congenital CMV.