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Division of Cancer Prevention and Control

Use trends and recent expenditures for cervical cancer screening–associated services in Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries older than 65 years. Qin J, Holt HK, Richards TB, Saraiya M, Sawaya GF

COVID-19 and other underlying causes of cancer deaths—United States, January 2018–July 2022. Henley SJ, Dowling NF, Ahmad FB, Ellington TD, Wu M, Richardson LC

Trends in breast cancer mortality by race/ethnicity, age, and U.S. Census region, United States—1999–2020. Ellington TD, Henley SJ, Wilson RJ, Miller JW, Wu M, Richardson LC

Annual report to the nation on the status of cancer, part 1: national cancer statistics. Cronin KA, Scott S, Firth AU, Sung H, Henley SJ, Sherman RL, Siegel RL, Anderson RN, Kohler BA, Benard VB, et al

Assessing the impact of multicomponent interventions on colorectal cancer screening through simulation: what would it take to reach national screening targets in North Carolina? Hicklin K, O’Leary MC, Nambiar S, Mayorga ME, Wheeler SB, Davis MM, Richardson LC, Tangka FKL, Lich KH

Cancer screening test use—United States, 2019. Sabatino SA, Thompson TD, White MC, Shapiro JA, Clarke TC, Croswell JM, Richardson LC

Cancer-associated venous thromboembolism: incidence and features in a racially diverse population. Raskob GE, Wendelboe AM, Campbell J, Ford L, Ding K, Bratzler DW, McCumber M, Adamski A, Abe K, Beckman MG, Reyes NL, Richardson LC

Collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program to increase receipt of ovarian cancer care from a gynecologic oncologist. Rim SH, Moore AR, Stewart SL

Community health workers to increase cancer screening: 3 Community Guide systematic reviews. Okasako-Schmucker DL, Peng Y, Cobb J, Buchanan LR, Xiong KZ, Mercer SL, Sabatino SA, Melillo S, et al; Community Preventive Services Task Force

Cost-effectiveness of pharmacologic treatment options for women with endocrine-refractory or triple-negative metastatic breast cancer. Wheeler SB, Rotter J, Gogate A, Reeder-Hayes KE, Drier SW, Ekwueme DU, Fairley TL, et al

Disparities in psychosocial distress screening and management of lung and ovarian cancer survivors. Rohan EA, Gallaway MS, Huang GC, Ng D, Boehm JE, Samarasinha R, Stachon K

Economic burden of skin cancer treatment in the USA: an analysis of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey data, 2012–2018. Kao SZ, Ekwueme DU, Holman DM, Rim SH, Thomas CC, Saraiya M

Factors that support readiness to implement integrated evidence-based practice to increase cancer screening. Soloe C, Arena L, Schlueter D, Melillo S, DeGroff A, Tangka F, et al

Geographic examination of COVID-19 test percent positivity and proportional change in cancer screening volume, National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. Bermudez Y, Scott LC, Beckman M, DeGroff A, Kenney K, Sun J, Rockwell T, Helsel W, Kammerer W, Sheu A, Miller J, Richardson LC

Improving the efficiency of integrated cancer screening delivery across multiple cancers: case studies from Idaho, Rhode Island, and Nebraska. Tangka FKL, Subramanian S, Hoover S, Cariou C, Creighton B, Hobbs L, Marzano A, Marcotte A, Norton DD, Kelly-Flis P, Leypoldt M, Larkins T, Poole M, Boehm J

Integrated approaches to delivering cancer screenings to address disparities: lessons learned from the evaluation of CDC’s Colorectal Cancer Control Program. Subramanian S, Tangka FKL, DeGroff A, Richardson LC

Integrated interventions and supporting activities to increase uptake of multiple cancer screenings: conceptual framework, determinants of implementation success, measurement challenges, and research priorities. Subramanian S, Tangka FKL, Hoover S, DeGroff A

Modifications in primary care clinics to continue colorectal cancer screening promotion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Arena L, Soloe C, Schlueter D, Ferriola-Bruckenstein K, DeGroff A, Tangka F, et al

Multilevel small area estimation for county-level prevalence of mammography use in the United States using 2018 data. Berkowitz Z, Zhang X, Richards TB, Sabatino SA, Peipins LA, Smith JL

Pancreatic cancer survival trends in the US from 2001 to 2014: a CONCORD-3 study. Nikšic M, Minicozzi P, Weir HK, et al; US CONCORD Working Group

Pediatric rhabdomyosarcoma incidence and survival in the United States: an assessment of 5656 cases, 2001–2017. McEvoy MT, Siegel DA, Dai S, et al

Social determinants of cancer risk among American Indian and Alaska Native populations: an evidence review and map. Melkonian SC, Crowder J, Adam EE, White MC, Peipins LA

Trends in breast cancer mortality by race/ethnicity, age, and US census region, United States—1999–2020. Ellington TD, Henley SJ, Wilson RJ, Miller JW, Wu M, Richardson LC

Trends in HPV- and non-HPV-associated vulvar cancer incidence, United States, 2001–2017. Mix JM, Gopalani SV, Simko S, Saraiya M

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Division of Diabetes Translation

County-level variation in the prevalence of visual acuity loss or blindness in the USLundeen EA, Flaxman AD, Wittenborn JS, Burke-Conte Z, Guila R, Saadine J, Rein DB

Urban and rural differences in new onset type 2 diabetes: comparisons across national and regional samples in the diabetes LEAD network. McAlexander T, Malla G, Uddin J, Lee D, Schwartz BS, Rolka DB, Siegel K, Kanchi R, Pollak J, Andes L, et al

Public-private partnerships to lower the risk of diabetes among black women using cooperative agreements: the National Diabetes Prevention Program and the Black Women’s Health Imperative. Williams A, Ford A, Webb M, Knight M, Costa K, Hinton C

Cost of diabetes complications in U.S. adults aged 65 years or older. Wang Y, Zhang P, Shao H, Andes LJ, Imperatore G

Medical costs associated with diabetes complications in Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 years or older with type 2 diabetes. Wang Y, Zhang P, Shao H, Andes LJ, Imperatore G

Incidence of chronic kidney disease among adults with diabetes, 2015-2020. Tuttle K, Jones C, Daratha K, Koyama A, et al

Productivity loss and medical costs associated with type 2 diabetes among employees aged 18–64 years with large employer-sponsored insurance. Park J, Bigman E, Zhang P

Effectiveness of incentives for improving diabetes-related health indicators in chronic disease lifestyle modification programs: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Hulbert LR, Michael SL, Charter-Harris J, Atkins C, Skeete RA, Cannon MJ

Changes in racial and ethnic disparities in glucose-lowering drug utilization and glycated haemoglobin A1c in US adults with diabetes: 2005-2018. Li P, Zhang P, Guan D, Gui J, Zhang Y, Pavkov ME, Bullard KM, Shao H

Postdelivery intervention to prevent type 2 diabetes and the cost-effectiveness of screening criteria for gestational diabetes. Neuwahl SJ, Sharma AJ, Zhang P, Hoerger TJ

Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity

Five priority public health actions to reduce chronic disease through improved nutrition and physical activity. O’Toole TP, Blanck HM, Flores-Ayala R, Rose K, Galuska DA, Gunn J, O’Connor A, Petersen R, Hacker K

Improving nutrition in the first 1000 days in the United States: a federal perspective. Hamner HC, Nelson JM, Sharma AJ, Jefferds MED, Dooyema C, Flores-Ayala R, Bremer AA, Vargas AJ, Casavale KO, de Jesus JM, Stoody EE, Scanlon KS, Perrine CG

BMI and physical activity, military-aged US population 2015-2020. Webber BJ, Bornstein DB, Deuster PA, O’Connor FG, Park S, Rose KM, Whitfield GP

Weight gain among US adults during the COVID-19 pandemic through May 2021. Freedman DS, Kompaniyets L, Daymont C, Zhao L, Blanck HM

Healthy community design, anti-displacement, and equity strategies in the USA: a scoping review. Serrano N, Realmuto L, Graff KA, Hirsch JA, Andress L, Sami M, Rose K, Smith A, Irani K, McMahon J, Devlin HM

Advancing healthy food service in the United States: state food service guidelines policy adoption and implementation supports, 2015-2019. Lowry-Warnock A, Strombom N, Mugavero K, Harris D, Blanck HM, Onufrak S

A food is medicine approach to achieve nutrition security and improve health. Mozaffarian D, Blanck HM, Garfield KM, Wassung A, Petersen R

Donor human milk use in advanced neonatal care units – United States, 2020. Boundy EO, Anstey EH, Nelson JM

Supporting healthy weight in statewide quality rating and improvement systems: a review of 2020 standards and comparison to 2015 standards. Hall K, Geary N, Warnock AL, Dooyema C

Association of muscle-strengthening and aerobic physical activity with mortality in US adults aged 65 years or older. Webber BJ, Piercy KL, Hyde ET, Whitfield GP

Division of Population Health

COVID-19 vaccine uptake among patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in the American Midwest: the Lupus Midwest Network (LUMEN). Chevet B, Figueroa-Parra G, Yang JX, Hulshizer CA, Gunderson TM, Duong SQ, Putman MS, Barbour KE, et al

Estimated deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use among US adults Aged 20 to 64 years, 2015 to 2019. Esser MB, Leung G, Sherk A

Prevalence and characteristics of arthritis among caregivers — 17 States, 2017 and 2019. Jackson EMJ, Omura JD, Boring MA, Odom EL, Foster AL, Olivari BS, McGuire LCCroft JB

Addressing the underreporting of alcohol consumption: implications for estimating alcohol-attributable deaths in the United States. Esser MB, Sherk A, Subbaraman MS, et al

Association of depressive symptoms and hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment and control among US adults. Fang J, Zhang Z, Greenlund KJ  

Drivers of US healthcare spending for persons with seizures and/or epilepsies, 2010-2018. Moura LMVR, Karakis I, Zack MM, Tian N, Kobau R, Howard D

Causes of death among individuals with systemic lupus erythematosus by race and ethnicity: a population-based study. Taylor T, Anastasiou C, Ja C, Rush S, Trupin L, Dall’Era M, Katz P, Barbour KE, Greenlund KJ, et al

Student and school characteristics associated with COVID-19 related learning decline among middle and high school students in K-12 schools. Fisher HH, Hawkins G, Hertz M, Sliwa S, Beresovsky V

Staff involvement and family and community engagement: comprehensive school physical activity programs. Webster CA, Hoke A, Cornett K, Goh TL, Pulling Kuhn A

Challenges experienced by U.S. K-12 public schools in serving students with special education needs or underlying health conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic and strategies for improved accessibility. Spencer P, Timpe Z, Verlenden J, Rasberry C, Moore S, Yeargin-Allsopp M, Claussen AH, Lee S, et al

Assessment of mental health and coping disparities among racial and ethnic groups amid COVID-19 from the “How Right Now” campaign. Burke-Garcia A, Berktold J, Rabinowitz L, Wagstaff L, Thomas CW, Crick C, Walsh MS, Mitchell EW, Verlenden JMV, Puddy R, Mercado MC, et al

Symptoms of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and suicidal ideation among school nurses in prekindergarten through grade 12 Schools — United States, March 2022. Merkle SL, Welton M, Van Zyl A, Chong M, Tanner A, Rose C, Hertz M, Hill L, Leroy ZC, Sifre K, Thomas ES

Division of Reproductive Health

Identifying deaths during and after pregnancy: new approaches to a perennial challenge. Trost SL, Beauregard J, Petersen EE, Cox S, Chandra G, St Pierre A, Rodriguez M, Goodman D

Pregnancy-related deaths among American Indian or Alaska Native persons: data from maternal mortality review committees in 36 US States, 2017–2019. Trost S, Beauregard J, Chandra G, Njie F, Harvey A, Berry J, Goodman D

Pregnancy-related deaths: data from maternal mortality review committees in 36 US States, 2017–2019. Trost S, Beauregard J, Chandra G, Njie F, Harvey A, Berry J, Goodman D

Risk factors for suffocation and unexplained causes of infant deathsParks S, DeSisto C, Kortsmit K, Bombard J, Shapiro-Mendoza C

A national communication effort addressing maternal mortality in the United States: implementation of the Hear Her campaign. Behm B, Tevendale H, Carrigan S, Stone C, Morris K, Rosenthal J

Office on Smoking and Health

Cost of cigarette smoking attributable productivity losses, United States, 2018. Shrestha S, Ghimire R, Wang X, Trivers K, Homa D, Armour B

Impact of Massachusetts law prohibiting flavored tobacco product sales on cross-broder cigarette sales. Ali FRM, King BA, Seaman EL, Vallone D, Schillo B

Availability and content of clinical guidance for tobacco use and dependence treatment–United States, 2000-2019. VanFrank B, Uhd J, Savage T, Shah, J, Twentyman E

Cigarette use among adults with chronic disease associated with smoking, United States, 2010-2019 Loretan C, Cornelius M, Jamal A, Cheng Y, Homa, D
Notes from the Field: E-cigarette use among middle and high school students—United States, 2022. Cooper M, Park-Lee E, Ren C, Cornelius M, Jamal A, Cullen KA

Tobacco product use among middle and high school students—United States, 2022. Park-Lee E, Ren C, Cooper M, Cornelius M, Jamal A, Cullen, KA
The impact of the Tips campaign on reducing relapse among former cigarette smokers. Davis K, Murphy-Hoefer R, Dutra L, King BA, Bradfield B, Rodes R, Beistle D
Trends and demographic differences in the mean age and incidence of starting to smoke cigarettes regularly, United States, National Health Interview Survey, 1997-2018. Cheng Y, Cornelius M, Wang T, Homa, D

Changes in sales of e-cigarettes, cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy products before, during and after the evali outbreak. Wang X, Yoonsang K, Trivers K, Tynan M, Shrestha S, et al

Disparities in current cigarette smoking among US adults with mental health conditions. Loretan C, Wang T, Watson C, Jamal A