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Pediatric cancer mortality and survival in the United States, 2001‐2016external icon. Siegel DA, Richardson LC, Henley SJ, Wilson RJ, Dowling NF, Weir HK, Tai EW, Lunsford NB

Young breast cancer survivors: Employment experience and financial well-beingexternal icon. Tangka F KL, Subramanian S, Jones M, Edwards P, Hoover S, Flanigan T, Kaganova J, Smith K, Hawkins NA, Rodriguez J, Hanson AA, Guglielmino J, Esser M, Guy Jr. GP, Thomas CC, and Fairley T

Using informatics to improve cancer surveillanceexternal icon. Blumenthal W, Alimi TO, Jones SF, Jones DE, Rogers JD, Benard VB, Richardson LC

Preventing Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancer Deaths: Assessing the Impact of Increased Screening. Sharma KP, Grosse SD, Maciosek MV, Joseph D, Roy K, Richardson LC, Jaffe H

Prostate Cancer Incidence and Survival, by Stage and Race/Ethnicity — United States, 2001–2017. Siegel DA, O’Neil ME, Richards TB, Dowling NF, Weir HK

Breast Cancer Survival Among Males by Race, Ethnicity, Age, Geographic Region, and Stage — United States, 2007–2016. Ellington TD, Henley SJ, Wilson RJ, Miller JW

Assessing Impact of HPV Vaccination on Cervical Cancer Incidence in Women 15-29 years in the United States, 1999-2017: An Ecologic Studyexternal icon. Mix JM, Van Dyne EA, Saraiya M, Hallowell BD, Thomas CC

Proportion of Never Smokers Among Men and Women With Lung Cancer in 7 US Statesexternal icon. Siegel DA, Fedewa SA, Henley SJ, Pollack LA, Jemal A

Pursuing Data Modernization in Cancer Surveillance by Developing a Cloud-Based Computing Platform: Real-Time Cancer Case Collectionexternal icon. Jones DE, Alimi TO, Pordell P, Tangka FK, Blumenthal W, Jones SF, Rogers JD, Benard VB, Richardson LC

Cancer Screening Test Receipt — United States, 2018. Sabatino SA, Thompson TD, White MC, Shapiro JA, de Moor J, Doria-Rose VP, Clarke T, Richardson LC

Cost-effectiveness of Diabetes Prevention Interventions Targeting High-risk Individuals and Whole Populations: A Systematic Reviewexternal iconZhou X, Siegel KR, Ng BP, Jawanda S, Proia KK, Zhang X, Albright AL, Zhang P

A systematic review of trends in all-cause mortality among people with diabetesexternal icon. Chen L, Islam RM, Wang J, Hird TR, Pavkov ME, Gregg EW, Salim A, Tabesh M, Koye DN, Harding JL, Sacre JW, Barr ELM, Magliano D, Shaw JE

Sustained Lower Incidence of Diabetes-related End-stage Kidney Disease among American Indians and Alaska Natives, Blacks, and Hispanics in the United States, 2000-2016external icon. Burrows NR, Yan Zhang Y, Hora I, Pavkov ME, Sheff K, Imperatore G, Bullock AR, and Albright AL

Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions to Manage Diabetes: Has the Evidence Changed Since 2008?external icon Siegel KR, Ali MK, Zhou X, Ng BP, Jawanda S, Proia K, Zhang X, Gregg EW, Albright AL, Zhang P

Vision Impairment and Blindness Prevalence in the United States: Variability of Vision Health Responses across Multiple National Surveysexternal icon. Rein DB, Lamuda PA, Wittenborn JS, Okeke N, Davidson CE, Swenor BK, Saaddine J, Lundeen EA

National and State-Level Trends in Non-Traumatic Lower Extremity Amputation Among U.S. Medicare Beneficiaries With Diabetes, 2000-2017external icon. Harding JL, Andes LJ, Rolka DB, Imperatore G, Gregg EW, Li Y, Albright A

Retention Among Participants in the National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Change Program, 2012-2017external icon. Cannon MJ, Masalovich S, Ng BP, Soler RS, Jabrah R, Ely EK, Smith BD

Factor Contributing to the Rising National Cost of Glucose- Lowering Medicines for Diabetes During 2005–2007 and 2015–2017external icon. Zhou X, Shrestha SS, Shao H, Zhang P

Within-Trial Cost-Effectiveness of a Structured Lifestyle Intervention in Adults With Overweight/Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: Results From the Action for Health in Diabetes (Look AHEAD) Study.external icon Zhang P, et al. Look AHEAD Research Group

Imputed State-Level Prevalence of Achieving Goals To Prevent Complications of Diabetes in Adults with Self-Reported Diabetes — United States, 2017–2018external icon. Chen Y, Rolka D, Xie H, Saydah S

Economic Benefits of Promoting Safe Walking and Biking to School: Creating Momentum for Community Improvementsexternal icon. Petersen R, Pedroso MS

Cross-sectional association between physical activity level and subjective cognitive decline among US adults aged ≥45 years, 2015external icon. Omura JD, Brown DR, McGuire LC, Taylor CA, Fulton JE, Carlson SA

Meeting breastfeeding intentions differ by race/ethnicity, Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices Study‐2external icon. Hamner HC, Beauregard JL, Li R, Nelson JM, Perrine CG

Trends in Obesity Prevalence by Race and Hispanic Origin—1999-2000 to 2017-2018external icon. Ogden CL, Fryar CD, Martin CB, Freedman DS, Carroll MD, Gu Q, Hales CM

Built Environment Approaches to Increase Physical Activity: A Science Advisory From the American Heart Associationexternal icon. Omura JD, Carlson SA, Brown DR, Hopkins DP, Kraus WE, Staffileno BA, Thomas RJ, Lobelo F, Fulton JE

Early Formula Supplementation Trends by Race/Ethnicity Among US Children Born From 2009 to 2015external icon. Li R, Perrine CG, Anstey EH, Chen J, MacGowan CA, Elam-Evans LD, Galuska DA

A method for calculating BMI z-scores and percentiles above the 95th percentile of the CDC growth chartsexternal icon. Wei R, Ogden CL, Parsons VL, Freedman DS, Hales CM

Physical activity, sedentary, and dietary behaviors associated with indicators of mental health and suicide risk – PubMed ( icon. Michael SL, Lowry R, Merlo C, Cooper AC, Hyde ET, McKeon R

Childhood Obesity Evidence Base Project Special Supplementexternal icon. Young-Hyman D, Kettel Khan L, et. al.

Dietary and Physical Activity Behaviors Among High School Students – Youth Risk Behavior Survey, United States, 2019external icon. Merlo CL, Jones SE, Michael SL, Chen TJ, Sliwa SA, Lee SH, Brener ND, Lee SM, Park S

Prevalence and Trends in Cigarette Smoking Among Adults with Epilepsy — United States, 2010–2017. Sapkota S, Kobau R, Croft JB, King BA, Thomas C, Zack MM

Unmet needs for assistance related to subjective cognitive decline among community-dwelling middle-aged and older adults in the US: prevalence and impact on health-related quality of lifeexternal icon. Bouldin ED, Taylor CA, Knapp KA, Miyawaki CE, Mercado NR, Wooten KG, McGuire LC

All-Cause Opioid Prescriptions Dispensed: The Outsized Role of Adults with Arthritisexternal icon. Murphy LB, Cisternas MG, Theis KA, Brady TJ, Bohm MK, Guglielmo D, Hootman JM, Barbour KE, Boring MA, Helmick CG

MMWR: Dietary and physical activity behaviors among high school students. Merlo CL, Everett Jones S, Michael SL, Chen TJ, Sliwa S, Lee SH, Brener ND, Lee SM, Park S

Estimating Undercoverage Bias of Internet Users. Hsia J, Zhao G, Town M

Prescription Opioid Pain Reliever Use During Pregnancy — 34 U.S. Jurisdictions, 2019. Ko Jean Y, D’Angelo DV, Haight SC, et al

Removing unnecessary medical barriers to contraception: Celebrating a decade of the U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Useexternal icon. Curtis KM, Zapata LB, Pagano P, Nguyen A, Reeves J, Whiteman MK

Prevalence of Home Births and Associated Risk Profile and Maternal Characteristics, 2016–2018. external iconGoyal S, Kortsmit K, Cox S, D’Angelo DV, Romero L, Henderson ZT,  Barfield WD

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Maternal Opioid-Related Diagnoses in the US, 2010-2017external icon. Hirai AH, Ko JY, Owens PL, Stocks C, Patrick SW

Association of smoke-free laws with preterm or low birth weight deliveries-A multistate analysisexternal icon. Ji X, Cox S, Grosse SD, Barfield WD, Armour BS, Courtney-Long EA, Li R

Characteristics of Marijuana Use During Pregnancy – Eight States, Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, 2017external icon. Ko JY, Coy KC, Haight S, Haegerich TM, Williams L, Cox S, et al.

Strategies and safeguards to ensure access to long-acting reversible contraception removal after the Zika Contraception Access Network ended: A prospective analysis of patient reported complaintsexternal icon. Romero L, Mendoza Z,  Hurst S, Zapata LB, et al

Assisted Reproductive Technology Surveillance — United States, 2017external icon. Sunderam S, Kissin DM, Zhang Y, Jewett A, Boulet SL, Warner L, Kroelinger CD, Barfield WD

Update: Characteristics of Symptomatic Women of reproductive age with laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 Infection by pregnancy status – US, January 22-October 3, 2020external icon. Zambrano LD, Ellington S, Strid P Galang RR, Oduyebo T, Tong VT, et al

Association Between the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign and Smoking Cessation Among Adults, United States, 2012–2018. Murphy-Hoefer R, Davis KC, King BA, Beistle D, Rodes R, Graffunder C

Protecting Youth From Tobacco Around the Globe: Evidence to Practiceexternal icon. Ahluwalia IB, Wilson K, Gorzkowski J

E-cigarette Use Among Middle and High School Students—United States, 2020. Wang TW, Neff LJ, Park-Lee E, Ren C, Cullen KA, King BA

E-cigarette Unit Sales, by Product and Flavor Types—United States, 2014 –2020. Ali FRM, Diaz MC, Vallone D, Tynan MA, Cordova J, Seaman EL, Trivers KF, Schillo BA, Talley B, King BA

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Homes and Vehicles Among US Youths, United States, 2011–2019. Walton K, Gentzke AS, Murphy-Hoefer R, Kenemer B, Neff LJ.

Boosting the Tobacco Control Vaccine: Recognizing the Role of the Retail Environment in Addressing Tobacco Use and Disparitiesexternal icon. Kong AY, King BA

Tobacco Product Use Among Adults—United States, 2019. Cornelius ME, Wang TW, Jamal A, Loretan CG, Neff LJ

Association of e-Cigarette Advertising with e-Cigarette and Cigarette Use Among US Adultsexternal icon. Ali FRM, Daveexternal icon DM, Colmanexternal icon GJ, Wangexternal icon X Safferexternal icon H Marynakexternal icon KL, Denchexternal icon D, Grossmanexternal icon M.

E-cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use-Associated Lung Injury: Looking Back, Moving Forwardexternal iconKing BA, Jones CM, Baldwin, GT, Briss PA

Tobacco Product Use Among Middle and High School Students—United States, 2020. Gentzke AS, Wang TW, Jamal A, Park-Lee E, Ren C, Cullen, KA, Neff LJ

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