Children In Disasters Real Stories: Children with Special Needs

 Photo of tornado shelter sign.

“Shelter in Place: Reagan’s Story”

Living in a small town in tornado alley, Angelia had always prepared for being in a storm shelter for a couple of hours to ride out a storm.

 Photo of girl in kitchen.

“On the Go in an Emergency: Stephanie’s Story”

Stephanie’s family realized the importance of being prepared in case of a power outage during a storm, especially for children with special healthcare needs that require at-home electric medical support.

 Zac posing in his wheel chair for his baseball team photo.

“Preparing Brings Peace of Mind: Zac’s Story”

Zac’s family had to evacuate much longer than expected when Hurricane Katrina hit. Having Zac’s medical information in print and electronic format and extra medical supplies helps ensure Zac gets consistent care in an evacuation.