Children In Disasters Real Stories: Pediatric Providers

 A neighborhood destroyed by a tornado.

“The Storm is Over, But Not Its Effects: Dr. Allen’s Story”

When Alabama was struck with over 250 tornadoes in April 2011, the biggest challenge pediatricians faced was in supporting families of children who presented signs of extreme stress. Following a disaster, pediatricians should learn how to apply psychological first aid to help children cope with a disaster.

 A memorial for the victims of the Boston Marathon.

“Remembering Boston: Dr. Stavas’ Story”

Dr. Natalie Stavas was nearing the end. She had survived the long training runs, sheer exhaustion, and Heartbreak Hill. She was in the final stretch of the race when two explosions changed the definition of “surviving.”

 Photo of st christopher hospital.

“St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children: Dr. Turchi’s Story”

When the threat of Hurricane Sandy became a reality, Dr. Renee Turchi and her team at The Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs at St. Christopher’s Hospital.