What to know

These materials help community health workers deliver AMIGAS.


AMIGAS is designed to be used with the following tools. You can use them during individual or group sessions.

  • Presentation: The information you tell participants about cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening.
  • Body Diagrams: Diagrams showing the female reproductive system and what happens during a cervical cancer screening test.
  • Contact Sheet: Contact information for a participant, where she is in her decision-making process, and notes about conversations.
  • Message Cards: Prompts that are used during an individual session to help the woman talk about her feelings about cervical cancer screening.
  • Resource List: Detailed information about how to get cervical cancer screening in your community.
  • Appointment Card: A reminder for a woman of the date, time, and location of her screening test.
  • Medical Instruments: A speculum and cytology brush, which are used as visual aids when discussing cervical cancer screening.
  • Gifts: Small gifts or promotional items given to participants to thank them for attending a session.
  • The Web Game: This game is a fun way to introduce participants in a group session to one another and make them feel comfortable.
  • The Cabbage Game: This game is used in a group session to review knowledge of information in the presentation.
  • Three Friends Game: This game is used in a group session to discuss women's opinions about cervical cancer screening and help them create an action plan.
  • Promise Sheet: Lists the specific actions a woman has committed to take toward getting screened for cervical cancer.
  • AMIGAS Handout: An information sheet that explains the primary messages in AMIGAS. Other fact sheets or brochures may also be used.
  • Evaluation Form or Survey: Feedback from participants about an education session.
  • Background Information: Information about cervical cancer screening, risk factors, and test results that can help community health workers answer questions.
  • Glossary: Definitions of terms you might read or hear related to the female body and cervical cancer.