What to know

This game is a fun way to introduce participants in a group session to one another and make them feel comfortable.


This game is used in a group AMIGAS session to introduce participants to one another and make them feel comfortable, and to help them understand that we are all connected to one another.

Materials: For in-person sessions, use a ball of yarn.

Number of Players: 4 or more

How to play (in-person session)

  1. Ask the women to stand in a circle. Hold the ball of yarn.
  2. Explain that you will begin by saying your name and something about yourself. Say that you will continue to share things about yourself until someone in the group says that she has something in common with you. Examples of things you could say are: I like the color: (color); I have (number of) children; The person I most admire is (name); My favorite food is (food); or My favorite movie is (movie).
  3. Explain that when a woman in the group has something in common with you, she should shout "That's me!" and say her name.
  4. When someone says this, you will hold on to the loose end of the yarn ball and toss the yarn ball to that woman.
  5. Then this woman will share something about herself until someone else in the group says, "That's me!" and then she will hold on to the yarn and toss the yarn ball to that woman.
  6. Play the game until everyone is connected.
  7. Tell the group that everyone is connected to one another somehow and that we all share something in common with each other.

How to play (remote session)

If the session is being held remotely via teleconference, play as described above except without the yarn ball.

Things to remember

  • This game is supposed to make women feel comfortable. If someone is having trouble thinking of something to share about herself, make suggestions to help her.
  • The game should last 10 minutes.
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