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Physical Activity Among Adults

In 2014, 49.9% of adults in the United States reported levels of physical activity consistent with meeting the adult aerobic guideline. Adults who are male, younger, or white or who have higher levels of education are more likely to meet the guidelines (see figure below). People without disabilities are also more likely to meet the guidelines than people with disabilities (data not included).

Percentage of Adults Aged 18 or Older Who Met Aerobic Physical Activity Guidelines, United States, 2014

In 2014, the percentage of adults aged 18 or older in the United States who met aerobic physical activity guidelines vary and is grouped by the categories of sex, age, race and ethnicity, and education. In the sex category, men make up 53.1 percent while women make the remaining 46.9 percent. Regarding age, adults aged 18 to 24 make up 59.5 percent, adults aged 25 to 34 make up 59.3 percent, adults aged 35-44 make up 51.9 percent, adults aged 45-64 make up 46.2 percent, and adults aged 65+ make up 36.5 percent. In regards to race and ethnicity, non-hispanic white adults make up 53.5 percent, non-Hispanic black adults make up 43.7 percent, Asian adults only make up 48.1 percent, American Indian and Alaska Native adults make up 43.5 percent, and hispanic adults make up 41.2 percent. In terms of education level, 30.8 percent of adults completed some high school, 39.5 percent of adults completed high school, 49.0 percent of adults completed some college, and 62.2 percent of adults are college graduates.

Abbreviations: AI/AN, American Indian/Alaska Native; HS, high school; NH, non-Hispanic.

Source: National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey.10