COVID-19 Genomic Epidemiology Toolkit

The Office of Advanced Molecular Detection presents this toolkit to address topics related to the application of genomics to epidemiologic investigations and public health response to SARS-CoV-2. The COVID-19 Genomic Epidemiology Toolkit is meant to further the use of genomics in responding to COVID-19 at the state and local level.

Each module includes a dedicated survey to inform future training development. We value your input.

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Welcome and Overview

Overview: CDC’s Dr. Greg Armstrong gives an introduction to the COVID-19 Genomic Epidemiology Toolkit and describes the role for genome sequencing in public health.

Posted: 01/08/21

Presenter: Gregory L. Armstrong, MD
Director, Advanced Molecular Detection Program,  CDC

ToolkitModule_0 pdf icon[PDF – 15 slides]

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Case Studies
Part 3: Implementation
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