The State of Aging and Health in America

The State of Aging and Health in America is a report series that began as a joint effort of CDC’s Healthy Aging Program and the Merck Company Foundation, and evolved into an interactive data website where professionals can get current data at the national, state, and selected local levels for 15 key indicators of older adult health:

  • Physically Unhealthy Days
  • Frequent Mental Distress
  • Oral Health: Complete Tooth Loss
  • Disability
  • No Leisure-Time Physical Activity
  • Eating ≥ 5 Fruits and Vegetables Daily
  • Obesity
  • Current Smoking
  • Flu Vaccine in Past Year
  • Ever Had Pneumonia Vaccine
  • Mammogram Within Past 2 Years
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Up-to-date on Select Preventive Services
  • Cholesterol Checked in Past 5 Years
  • Hip Fracture Hospitalizations

The report also includes bold “Calls to Action,” “Spotlights” on reducing injuries associated with falls and physical activity, and state success stories. These features highlight model intervention programs and thoughtful recommendations for policymakers, health care providers, and older adults themselves to ensure not just longer, but healthier lives.