Partner Resources

Alzheimer's Association
Promoting Caregiving Across the Full Community: The Role for Public Health Strategists

Strong public health leadership is essential to engage community partners in driving structural changes that support caregiving for all people living with dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association and CDC partnered to produce the first caregiving action brief that provides an overview of the challenges of caregiving for people living with dementia and provides state, local, and tribal public health leaders with a framework and resources for action. Access the action brief  and the executive summary [PDF – 888 KB].

Customizable Templates—Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain
Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain: Steps for Protecting the Heart, Brain, and Body

Steps for Protecting the Heart, Brain, and Body – A series of 4 customizable templates and 2 instruction guides were created by the Alzheimer’s Association in partnership with CDC and are for use by health care providers and public health professionals. The templates include steps patients can take for a healthy heart, brain, and body. Your state or organization’s logo, website, or image can be easily added.

Customizable Flyer (Version 1)

HHHB instruction guide template version 1
Instruction Guide
Version 1

Download Guide pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB]

Customizable Flyer (Version 2)

HHHB instruction guide template version 2
Instruction Guide
Version 2

Download Guide pdf icon[PDF – 833 KB]

National Association of Chronic Disease Directors
Healthy Blood Pressure, Healthy Brain

Healthy behaviors can reduce risk for memory loss and promote brain health, and targeted messaging can help. CDC partnered with the The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors to produce 4 rack cards and 1 infographic for use on websites, in doctors’ offices, and other venues. Messages highlight the importance of maintaining healthy blood sugar, healthy blood pressure, a healthy body, and a healthy diet. Rack cards and infographic can also be customized to include your organization’s logo. These resources are also available in Spanish. For more information and approval to customize, please visit NACDD Action on Healthy Aging and Brain Health.external icon