Puerto Rico: Caregiving

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Male figure with cane holding hands with female figure.


1 in 8 adults are caregivers

Caregiving Can Be

Nearly half have provided care for at least two years


Over half have provided care for at least 20 hours per week

Caregivers definition
Who are caregivers?
Caregiver helping person use a walker.

62% are women
20% are 65 years old or older
48% are caring for a parent or parent-in-law
28% of caregivers are providing care to someone with dementia

How Do Caregivers Help?
Credit cards and dollar signs.

Over 80% manage household tasks

Caregiver giving assisting person with a bath.

Nearly 75% assist with personal care

Future Caregivers
Person thinking.

1 in 6 NON-CAREGIVERS expect to BECOME CAREGIVERS within 2 years