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Global Disease Detection Operations Center: Outbreaks

Five top global infectious disease threats for 2012

Five of the top global infectious disease threats for 2012 that we were watching, were: Avian influenza A (H5N1), cholera, poliomyelitis (Polio), enterovirus-71 and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis. A perspective from the GDD Operations Center describes these threats in this publication - Emerg Health Threats J 2013, 6: 20632 -

CDC’s international responses to polio, enterovirus-71, XDR-TB, and cholera — January 2007 - August 2012 Angola - Polio, Anguilla - Polio, Benin - Polio, Burkina Faso - Polio, Cambodia - Enterovirus-71, Cameroon - Cholera, Chad - Polio, Cote d'Ivoire - Polio, Democratic Republic of the Congo - Polio, Domican Republic - Cholera, Guinea - Polio, Guinea Bissau - Cholera, Haiti - Cholera, Kenya - Polio and Cholera, Liberia - Polio, Mali - Polio, Namibia - XDR-TB, Republic of the Congo - Polio, Sierra Leone - Cholera, Sudan - Polio, Tajikistan - Polio, Uganda - Polio, Vietnam - Enterovirus-71, Zimbabwe - Cholera

CDC’s international responses to polio, enterovirus-71, XDR-TB, and cholera — January 2007 - August 2012

CDC’s international responses to H5N1 avian influenza and influenza H1N1-2009 — January 2007-August 2012. Argentina - H1N1, Australia - H1N1, Bangladesh - H5N1, Cambodia - H5N1, Chile - H1N1, Costa Rica - H1N1, Dominican Republic - H1N1, Egypt - H1N1, El Salvador - H1N1, Guatemala - H1N1, Kenya - H1N1, Mexico - H1N1, Nicaragua - H1N1, Nigeria - H5N1, Pakistan - H5N1, Peru - H1N1, Saudi Arabia - H1N1, South Africa - H1N1, Ukraine - H1N1

CDC’s international responses to H5N1 avian influenza and influenza H1N1-2009 — January 2007-August 2012

International Outbreaks – 2013

The GDD Operations Center monitors approximately 30–40 public health threats each day. In 2013, the GDD Operations Center monitored and reported on over 100 unique outbreaks of more than 30 diseases occurring in more than 65 different countries with additionally a cumulative of close to 550 disease event updates to the CDC wide readership. Examples of disease events that GDD Operations Center was closely watching in 2013 are: avian influenza H5N1 in multiple countries and H7N9 in China; Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-coronavirus in multiple countries; Polio in endemic countries, the Horn of Africa and Syria; cholera in Cuba and Mexico; chikungunya fever in the Americas and Southern Pacific Ocean; dengue and yellow Fever in multiple countries; and Hepatitis E in South Sudan.

Nodding Syndrome

In 2013, the GDD Operation Center continued its support for the investigations first began in 2009 of a mystery illness subsequently characterized as Nodding Syndrome, a novel neurologic illness among children between 5-15 years, occurring in South Sudan, northern Uganda and southern Tanzan

Uganda to ascertain burden and geographic distribution of the illness.  CDC and MoH Uganda jointly propose to assess treatment efficacy of antiepileptic medications and pyridoxine supplementation with the Nodding Syndrome treatment trial. CDC continues to work closely with the MoH of the three affected countries in identifying the etiology of this mystery illness. GDD Operations Center is providing the operational, logistical and technical support in consultation with DHCPP/NCEZID.

Map describing Global Disease Detection Operations Center Contingency Fund-Supported Outbreak Investigations, 2010–2013. Angola, Dengue, 2013; Botwsana, Diarrheal disease, 2012; Cambodia, EV71, 2012; Cambodia, H5N1, 2013; Cameroon, Cholera, 2010; Democratic Republic of Congo, Monkeypox, 2013; Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ebola, 2012; Dominican Republic, Cholera, 2010; Dominican Republic, Cholera, 2011; Ethiopia, Meningitis, 2013 ; Ethiopia, Plant Alkaloid Induced Liver Disease, 2013;Ethiopia, Unexplained Liver Disease, 2011; Federated States of Micronesia, Chikungunya, 2013; Georgia, Anthrax, 2011; Georgia, Anthrax, 2012; Georgia, Orthopox, 2013; Ghana, Meningitis, 2010; Ghana, Meningitis, 2013; Haiti, Cholera, 2010; Haiti, Cholera, 2011; Haiti, Dengue, 2012; Haiti, Earthquake Response, 2010; Indonesia, Diphtheria, 2012; Jamaica, Fungal investigation, 2010; Jordan, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), 2013; Kenya, Aflatoxin, 2010; Kenya, Cholera, 2010; Kenya, Dengue, 2013; Kenya, Rabies, 2012; Malawi, Measles, 2010; Marshall Islands, Dengue, 2011; Mexico, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, 2011; Mexico, Legionellosis, 2010; Mexico, Legionellosis, 2013; Micronesia, Dengue, 2011; Netherlands, Q Fever, 2010; Nigeria, Lead Poisoning, 2010; Pakistan, Dengue, 2011; Panama, Nosocomial Klebsiella, 2011; Panama, Unexplained Severe Illness in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, 2013; Peru, Rabies, 2011; Qatar, MERS-CoV, 2013; Republic of Congo, Cholera, 2012; Republic of Congo, Polio, 2010; Republic of Congo, Polio, 2011; Rwanda, Typhoid, 2012; Saudi Arabia, MERS-CoV, 2012; Saudi Arabia, MERS-CoV, 2013; Scotland, Anthrax, 2010; Sierra Leone, Cholera, 2012; South Sudan, Nodding Syndrome, 2011; South Sudan, Nodding syndrome, 2012; Taiwan, Rabies, 2013; Tanzania, Dengue, 2013; Tanzania, Nodding syndrome, 2012; Uganda, Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, 2013; Uganda, Ebola, 2011; Uganda, Ebola, 2012; Uganda, Ebola, 2012; Uganda, Hepatitis E Virus, 2010; Uganda, Marburg, 2012; Uganda, Nodding Syndrome, 2010; Uganda,

Map showing highlighted countries that GDD Operations Center monitored and reported upon in 2013. *These are not all the outbreaks that GDDOC monitored but only those that were assessed by CDC to be internationally important.

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