Tell Your Story. Empower Your Community.

What to know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working with health departments throughout the United States to learn more about your health experiences.

Artistic drawing of people talking together with word bubbles above their heads. The Words "Tell Your Story. Empower Your Community." are to the side.


  • One of the health departments may have contacted you about taking part in our health survey.
  • If you decide to take part in the survey, you will get a $50 token of appreciation.
  • By taking part in the survey, you will help us improve services in your community.
  • Only people contacted by the health department can take part in the survey.
  • Contact your health department if you have any questions.

Why you were selected

  • The health department has information about people who have gotten services or lived in one of the areas where the health survey takes place.
  • You have been chosen to take part in this survey. You cannot be replaced with someone else.
  • If you take part, you do not have to answer any questions that you do not want to.

What's collected

  • A few topics we ask about are:
    • your medical history
    • use of medical and social services
    • your life experiences

Participating health departments

How the results are used

By sharing your unique story, you can help us improve services in your community that can then improve the quality of services that you and others will get.

How your information is protected

  • Keeping your information safe is important to us. We take your privacy very seriously.
  • We always check to make sure you are the person chosen for the survey before we go into detail about the survey. This way, we do not give your private information to others by mistake.
  • We will not put your name on the survey; instead, we use a random number.
  • To further protect you, when we share the data, we group everyone’s answers together. That way, no one can find out your information from the data that we share.

Our mailings

Did you get one of our mailings? Below are some of the mailings that health departments send out to people chosen to take part in the survey.

How to confirm a mailing is from us

These are pieces of information that will always be included in the mailing:

  • Your name
  • Health department name
  • A CDC or health department logo
  • Mention of a $50 token of appreciation
  • Phone number to call

Example mailings

These are only a few of the mailing designs that are sent out. The health department may also send other mailing designs to your mailbox, such as formal letters or flyers.

This is a collage of sample mailings for the Tell Your Story. Empower Your Community. survey.
Sample Mailings