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National Immunization Awareness month

CDC and partners will be celebrating National Immunization Awareness month in August. Join us in promoting adult immunization. For more information and a communication toolkit, visit:

Standards for Adult Immunization Practice

All Healthcare Professionals should:

  • ASSESS immunization status of all patients at every clinical encounter.
  • Strongly RECOMMEND vaccines that patients need.
  • ADMINISTER needed vaccines or REFER patients to a vaccination provider.
  • DOCUMENT vaccines received by patients.

Adult vaccination rates in the U.S. are extremely low. Each year, thousands of adults needlessly suffer illness, are hospitalized, and even die as a result of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Support CDC’s efforts to increase awareness about the importance of adult immunization and encourage vaccination. With your help, we can improve vaccination rates and ensure that adults have the best protection available against many common and serious diseases.

Here’s What You Can Do

  • Share videos online or in waiting rooms to help adults understand why vaccines are important for them and which ones may be recommended.
  • Display posters and flyers encouraging adult vaccination in healthcare offices, workplaces, and other community settings.
  • Share factsheets that can help adults understand why vaccination is important and which vaccines are recommended for them.
  • Place ready to publish articles and ads in print and electronic publications that reach adults.
  • Use web buttons to link to CDC web pages and resources.
  • Share social media messages encouraging adult vaccination with your virtual community.
  • Share radio PSAs through your organization and by encouraging local radio stations and medical offices to play them.

Support healthcare professionals (HCPs) in improving adult immunization practice.

  • Use web buttons to link to CDC information and resources on adult immunization.
  • Share fact sheets with information on the latest practice standards and tips on improving adult immunization practice.
  • Include ready to publish articles about adult immunization in print and electronic communications that reach HCPs.

Page last reviewed: May 2, 2016