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There are many things you will share with your baby: your wisdom, your love, your excitement, and your joy. Did you know that you can also share protection against many illnesses with your baby by getting recommended vaccinations during your pregnancy?

Getting recommended vaccinations while you’re pregnant helps your body create protective antibodies (proteins produced by the body to fight off illnesses) that you can pass on to your baby. These antibodies help protect your baby from several illnesses during their first few months of life.

Help strengthen your baby’s immunity before they are even born. Talk to a healthcare provider you trust about the vaccines that are right for you during your pregnancy.

The From Me, To You communications effort invites you, your loved ones, and your healthcare providers into a conversation about how getting recommended vaccinations during pregnancy helps you share protection with your baby. This page provides resources on vaccination during pregnancy for pregnant people, healthcare providers, and communications effort partners.

For Pregnant People and Support Networks

About “From Me, To You”

Getting recommended vaccinations during pregnancy provides important protection for pregnant people and their babies in the first few months of life, yet overall vaccination coverage remains low.1-3

Vaccination coverage is often lowest among Black pregnant people, many of whom report experiencing mistreatment, structural, and interpersonal racism during pregnancy and delivery.1-6 Given these lived experiences, it is important to recognize that there are many factors that may impact vaccination coverage among Black pregnant people. During ongoing nationwide Black maternal health and infant mortality crises, vaccination during pregnancy offers an important opportunity to increase protection for Black pregnant people and their babies.7-8

The “From Me, To You” communications effort is informed by feedback from Black pregnant people, intentionally centering on the beauty, excitement, and rich cultural legacy of Black parenthood. It aims to raise awareness, drive urgency, and help protect Black pregnant people and their babies by increasing uptake of recommended vaccines. Learn more [5 pages].

We invite you to learn more about how getting vaccinated during pregnancy shares protection with newborns.

For detailed information about vaccines and pregnancy, visit:

For Healthcare Providers

Black pregnant people may be less likely to receive a vaccination offer or referral from their provider than pregnant people from other racial and ethnic groups.9 Your recommendation and offer makes a difference in a pregnant person’s vaccination decision.10-13   Use these resources and share the benefits of vaccination during pregnancy with patients in your care.

Patient Portal Reminder Draft Language

Remind patients at your practice to get recommended vaccinations during pregnancy by sharing these messages, which have been tested among pregnant people, through your patient portal or other reminders.

Did you know that recommended vaccines don’t just help protect you, but they also help protect your baby? Getting vaccinated during your pregnancy can be one important step in strengthening your baby’s immunity before they’re even born. Call our office at [PHONE NUMBER] to schedule an appointment to discuss vaccination with your provider!

Have you gotten recommended vaccinations during your pregnancy? Getting vaccinated during pregnancy shares protective antibodies with you and your little one. Call our office at [PHONE NUMBER] today to schedule an appointment to talk with a healthcare provider about the vaccines that are right for you and your baby!

For Partners

Together, we can improve the health of Black pregnant people and their babies by encouraging recommended vaccinations during pregnancy. Below are resources and vaccination messages you can use to share key information with your networks.