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Videos: June 20-21, 2018

Welcome & Introductions: [24 minutes]
Welcome and Introductions

Influenza: [125 minutes]
Introduction, VE update,  2017-2018 influenza season vaccine safety update, Narcolepsy following adjuvanted monovalent pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccines: Results of the SOMNIA study, Study results of an adjuvanted Quadravalent Influenza vaccine in young children 2018-19 recommendations, Public comment

Anthrax: [73 minutes]
Introduction, GRADE, Summary of Work Group considerations and proposed policy options, Public comment

HPV & NITAGS: [98 minutes]
Introduction, Current issues and background, HPV vaccine in mid-adults: results from clinical studies Considerations and Work Group plans; Update on NITAGS, Introduction, Global NITAG activities and the GNN

Mumps; Herpes Zoster; Public Comment: [53 minutes]
Introduction, Current US mumps epidemiology and CDC guidance for implementation of the ACIP recommendation for a 3rd dose of MMR vaccine during outbreaks; Zoster Vaccine, Introduction, Herpes Zoster vaccination: evaluation update; Public Comment

Agency updates & Unfinished business: [27 minutes]
Agency updates, CDC, CMS, DoD, DVA, FDA, HRSA, IHS, NIH, NVPO

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine: [88 minutes]
Introduction, JE-VC GRADE, Comparative analysis background, Comparative analysis of JE vaccination strategies, Summary and conclusions

Pneumococcal vaccines; Vaccine supply [123 minutes]
Introduction, Safety of PCV13 in adults aged >65 years old, Pneumonia Incidence in the US, Pneumococcal carriage, invasive disease, and hospitalizations following community acquired pneumonia (CAP) among Native American populations, Racial disparities in invasive pneumococcal disease and PCV13 impact, Overview of the Evidence to Recommendations Framework for the ongoing review of the PCV13 recommendation for adults ≥65 years old; Vaccine Supply; Public Comment


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