MCRC: View Ad Summary and Details

At a glance

Find out details about our ad collection in the Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC).

Ad summary and details

The View Ad Summary and Details page allows you to view detailed information for an ad, view all the materials associated with the ad, ask questions about the ad, or request the ad. You can access this page by clicking the ad title on the Search Results page. The top portion of the page displays the ad image, if available, cost information, links for viewing existing reviews, if any, and the following ad information:

  • Title
  • Format (Video, Radio, Social Media)
  • Campaign
  • Themes
  • Languages
  • Description

NOTE: You must be logged in to the system to ask questions about an ad, play associated media files, or request an ad.

To request an ad, click the request this item button. To view the ads you have requested, click the cart icon at the top right corner of the page. The number next to the cart increases when you add items to the cart and decreases when you remove items from the cart.

To ask questions about the ad, click the ask a question about this ad link below the thumbnail image.