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Find details about the MCRC ad collection.

View Ads In Cycle

An advertisement is "in cycle" once the initial portions of holding fees, session fees, and other related talent fees are paid. Once an ad is in cycle, other organizations across the U.S. can add their local markets to the ad's cycle at a much reduced cost, within the given expiration dates. Only ads that are produced under SAG/AFTRA union contracts qualify for this status. For more information about an ad in cycle and costs associated with placing an ad in your specific market, please contact MCRC.

This page also displays the Use Fee Paid information for the ad. Use Fee Paid indicates the type of usage agreement. For more information on Use Fee Paid, click the Use Fee Paid Definitions link. For each ad displayed on this page, the system displays the Use Fee Paid and cycle End Date.


  • You must be logged in to view Ads in Cycle.
  • An ad may be in multiple cycles with different usage agreements as indicated by the "use fee paid." The cost displayed for each ad is the regular (non-negotiated) cost. Depending on the Use Fee Paid, this cost will be significantly reduced.
  • Ads in Cycle display the “in cycle” icon: [Ads in Cycle icon]

To view ads in cycle

Do one of the following to access the Ads in Cycle page.

  • On the MCRC home page, click the Ads in Cycle section.
  • On the Search Results page, in the Ads tab, click the Ads in Cycle link (if available) under the Type of Ad section. The system displays the Ads in Cycle list.

If you’re logged in, the system displays all the information for the ad, e.g. title, cost, campaigns, etc. You can click the more link in the Description section to view details about the ad, and also click the View Use Fee link under the date produced to view the use fee(s) paid for the ad.

View screenshot of Ads in Cycle - smaller devices | View screenshot of Ads in Cycle - larger devices

View the use fee information for an ad in cycle:

View the use fees paid for an ad in cycle when logged in, click the View Use Fee link for the ad. The system displays the use fees for each material associated with the ad in cycle.

View screenshot of use fees - smaller devices | View screenshot of use fees - larger devices

What do you want to do next?

  • To view ad details, click on the image (if available), the ad title, or the More link.
  • To play video or audio files associated with the ad, click the associated Play Video or Listen to Audio link. You must have RealMedia installed in order to play associated files.
  • To sort the ads or change the number of ads displayed on the page, use the Sort By, Ad Group, or Show Dropdowns, respectively.
  • To read the reviews that have been submitted for the ad, if any, click the Reviews tab when viewing the ad details.
  • To request the ad, click the Add to Order Request button.