MCRC: Request Ads

At a glance

Learn more about how to request ads from Media Campaign Resource Center (MCRC).

About the Request Ads function

After you search for items, view your search results, log into the system, and select the items you want, you can submit a request for the selected items. You will then receive a cost estimate for any items that are not free. If your organization agrees to the cost estimate and terms of use, an MCRC administrator will process your order.

If all items in your order are listed as free, an MCRC administrator will deliver the selected items to you through a download link. You will not receive a cost estimate.

Submit a Request

Step 1

Click the Request this Item link when viewing the ad details. The system displays a confirmation message at the top of the page.

Step 2

Click the Cart icon at the top right corner of the page. The system displays the list of the ads you selected in the Request Summary page.

Note: To delete an item from the list, click Remove on the same row with the item.

View screenshot of Order Request page on smaller devices or larger devices.

Step 3

Click Proceed to Order Details. The Request Cost Information page opens.

Step 4

Complete the required Client Organization fields as follows:

  • In the Name of Person with Signature Authority field, enter the name of the person that the MCRC can contact about the request. By default, this field displays your name.
  • The name of the organization associated with your account appears next.
  • You then have a drop-down option to choose a different organization if you are ordering for someone else (such as a media contractor ordering for a health department). By default, this field should display the name of your organization. You do not need to make a change if you are ordering for your own organization.

Note: Ads are available for public health agencies, schools, organizations, or groups to use in their tobacco prevention efforts. Ads are not available for individual use.

Step 5

Complete the request for the ad. The fields differ depending on the type of item (such as radio or video)

Be sure to complete all required fields (fields with an *).

Step 6

See the glossary for field descriptions. If you make errors and need to clear all fields and start over, click the Reset button.

Step 7

Note: If you plan to use an item at conferences or in presentations, offices, medical facilities, or a classroom, select the option for "theatrical industrial" and complete the additional fields.

Step 8

To choose multiple items, click Next to proceed to the next item and complete the required fields.

Step 9

After completing the information for the last item, click Submit Request. The system sends the request to an MCRC administrator and displays a confirmation message. An MCRC administrator will contact the person listed on the form by e-mail or telephone to discuss the selections, including pricing and terms of use, if applicable.

Request history

To view all items you have requested and their status, go to My Account at the top of any screen and click the Request History tab.

On the Request History screen, you can reorder items by selecting Request This Item next to the desired item. This will put the item into your Cart. When you're done, click on the Cart icon to go to the check-out process.

View screenshot of Request History page on smaller devices or larger devices.

Questions about ads

If you have questions about an item, look for the “Ask a question about this ad” link under the thumbnail image for the ad on the Results screen:

  • Click Ask a question about this ad. The system displays a page that you can use to enter your question.
  • Enter your question in the Questions/Comments text box.
  • Click Submit to send your question to MCRC. The system displays a confirmation page and also sends you an e-mail.

Click OK to return to your list of requested items.