Prepare for World TB Day

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World TB Day is a time to recognize achievements and to renew our commitment to ending TB in the United States. You and your organization play an important role in addressing TB in your community.

The information below may help plan communication activities to inform and educate partners, stakeholders, and media about TB-related problems and solutions, and the importance of supporting TB prevention and control efforts.

This checklist will help guide you in developing your plan.

Consider accomplishments and upcoming opportunities

  • Consider how COVID-19 has affected your programs and services, and share your innovations to meet the challenges.
  • TB disease adversely affects groups that have experienced greater health obstacles based on their racial or ethnic group. Consider how TB affects specific populations as you craft your World TB Day communication.
  • Are there stories that you can share to raise TB awareness in the United States and around the world? Watch and share TB Personal Stories.
  • The United States has achieved substantial progress in reducing TB. Find out what the data says about TB in your local community.

Decide your main message for World TB Day

  • Who are your priority audiences? What are the key takeaways for each audience?
  • What data highlight the accomplishments or momentum made in TB prevention, control, and elimination?
  • How can persons or organizations take action to address specific populations disproportionately affected by TB?
Key Messages

Aim to both inform and inspire others. Here are examples:

World TB Day is observed each year on March 24, commemorating the date Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery of the bacillus that causes tuberculosis (TB).

Too many people still suffer from TB disease. We must continue to find and treat cases of active TB disease and test and treat latent TB infection to prevent progression to disease and turn TB elimination into a reality.

There is a strong need for TB education and outreach to healthcare providers, health care agencies, and community organizations, especially those serving populations disproportionately affected by TB.

We must continue to “Think, Test, and Treat TB.” TB is still a life-threatening problem, and it impacts people across the United States. TB knows no borders, and people in the United States are suffering from TB.

Raise awareness about World TB Day by sharing resources with your community!