Funded Programs

CDC’s vision is “no lives lost to suicide.” We use data, science, and partnerships to identify and implement effective suicide prevention strategies. We foster healthy and resilient communities across the United States as we work toward our vision. CDC is supporting states, tribes, territories, non-governmental organizations, and university research programs to address our four strategic priority areas in suicide prevention:

  • Data: Use new and existing data to better understand, monitor, and prevent suicide and suicidal behavior
  • Science: Identify risk and protective factors and effective policies, programs, and practices for suicide prevention in populations at increased risk for suicide
  • Action: Build the foundation for CDC’s National Suicide Prevention Program
  • Collaboration: Develop and implement wide-reaching partnership and communication strategies to raise awareness and advance suicide prevention activities

CDC’s Funded Suicide Prevention Programs

Suicide Prevention At a Glance Cover

At a glance, read about CDC’s Vision for preventing suicide and how CDC funds multiple programs to support suicide prevention in communities.

Read more about CDC’s funded suicide prevention activities across the U.S.: NCIPC Suicide Prevention Funding | Budget | Injury | CDC

COVID-19 Response

CDC supported national, state, territorial, local, and tribal organizations to quickly develop and disseminate tools and resources to prevent suicide, intimate partner violence, and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the COVID-19 response and aftermath: