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Below is a list of recent scientific articles generated from CDC programs and activities.

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Trends in blood transfusion, hydroxyurea use, and iron overload among children with sickle cell disease enrolled in Medicaid, 2004-2019. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2023;70(3):e30152. Tang AY, Zhou M, Maillis AN, Lai KW, Lane PA, Snyder AB.


Transfusion complications in thalassemia: patient knowledge and perspectives. Front Med 2022;9: 772886. Patterson S, Singleton A, Branscomb J, Nsonwu V, Spratling R.


The transfusion management of beta thalassemia in the United States. Transfusion 2021;61(10): 3027-3039. Lal A, Wong T, Keel S, Pagano M, Chung J, Kamdar A, Rao L, Ikeda A, Puthenveetil G, Shah S, Yu J, Vichinsky E.

Optimal strategies for carrier screening and prenatal diagnosis of α- and β-thalassemia. Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program 2021;2021(1):607-613. Mensah C, Sheth S.

Intermittent transfusions for treatment of thalassemia in the state of Georgia, 2007-2016. Ann Hematol Oncol 2021; 8(4): 1340. Rollins MR, Boudreaux J, Eckman J, Branscomb J, Zhou M, Snyder A.


Blood transfusion: knowledge, perspectives, and experience of individuals with sickle cell disease. J Patient Exp 2020 Dec; 7(6):1109-1114. Lawrence RH, Singleton A, Branscomb J.


Shared Care for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease: An Analysis of Care from Eight Health Systems. J Clin Med 2019; 8(8):1154. Mainous AG 3rd, Rooks B, Tanner RJ, Carek PJ, Black V, Coates TD.

Characterizing complication risk from multisite, intermittent transfusions for the treatment of sickle cell disease. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2019;66(10):e27921. Tang A, Branscomb J, Zhou M, Snyder A, Eckman, J.

Transfusion service knowledge and immunohaematological practices related to sickle cell disease and thalassemia. Transfus Med 2019;29(3):185-192. Fasano RM, Branscomb J, Lane PA, Josephson CD, Snyder AB, Eckman JR.

Facilitators and barriers to minority blood donations: a systematic review. Nurs Res 2019;68(3):218-226. Spratling R, Lawrence RH.

Health literacy and knowledge of chronic transfusion therapy in adolescents with sickle cell disease and caregivers. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2019;66(7):e27733. Yee MEM, Meyer EK, Fasano, RM, Lane PA, Josephson CD, Brega AG.

A strategic planning tool for increasing African American blood donation. Health Promot Pract 2019;20(5):770-777. Singleton A, Spratling R.

Impact of red blood cell antigen matching on alloimmunization and transfusion complications in patients with sickle cell disease: a systematic review. Transfus Med Rev 2019;33(1):12-23. Fasano RM, Meyer EK, Branscomb J, White MS, Gibson RW, Eckman JR.


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Effectiveness of clinical decision support based intervention in the improvement of care for adult sickle cell disease patients in primary care. J Am Board Fam Med 2018;31(5):812-816. Mainous AG 3rd, Carek PJ, Lynch K, Tanner RJ, Hulihan MM, Baskin J, Coates TD.

Hemoglobin A clearance in children with sickle cell anemia on chronic transfusion therapy. Transfusion 2018;58(6):1363-1371. Yee MEM, Josephson CD, Winkler AM, Webb J, Luban NLC, Leong T, Stowell SR, Roback JD, Fasano RM.


Red blood cell minor antigen mismatches during chronic transfusion therapy for sickle cell anemia. Transfusion 2017;57(11):2738-2746. Yee MEM, Josephson CD, Winkler AM, Webb J, Luban NLC, Leong T, Stowell SR, Fasano RM.