Community Preparedness: Connecting Virtual Villages

Volume 109- S-4 Supplement to the American Journal of Public Health September 10, 2019

CDC, in collaboration with the American Journal of Public Health, published a supplemental issue titled “Community Preparedness: Connecting Virtual Villages”, which provides a glimpse of community preparedness covering a broad range of research topics and programmatic activities. In this supplement, CDC issues a call to engage in the Virtual Village – an online community focused on ensuring the safety and well-being of people before, during, and after emergencies. Public health agencies must help to create a credible online preparedness community that can assuage doubts and fears and encourage community partnerships that support populations, whether physically or virtually connected. To ensure the public’s safety in an emergency, public health must navigate the communication technology terrain to convey life-saving information based on facts, current information, and best evidence. This is the challenge for community preparedness in the 21st century.