PFA Host Site Eligibility

CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) cooperative agreement recipients may apply to host a Preparedness Field Assignee (PFA).

PHEP recipients who currently do not host a PFA may apply during the 2023 application period.

Agencies must meet the following requirements to apply to host a PFA:

  • Be one of the 62 direct recipients of the CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness cooperative agreement;
  • Develop a work plan that allows the PFA to gain experience in public health emergency preparedness and response;
  • Provide training and on-the-job work experiences suitable for early career field assignees with at least two years of public health experience;
  • Support and encourage PFA professional development;
  • Provide the PFA with a supervisor who has prior supervisory experience; and
  • Demonstrate the capacity to provide field staff with valuable work experience and specific emergency preparedness and response training.

Selected host sites will be required to sign a formal CDC Agreement to Detail, which covers the terms and conditions of the placement of CDC field staff.

PFA Host Site Locations Map_2023_v2