Healthier Food Retail (HFR) Action Guide

Cover: Healthier Food Retail (HFR) Action Guide

Healthier Food Retail: An Action Guide for Public Health Practitioners [PDF-7.71MB] provides guidance on how to develop, implement, and partner on food retail initiatives and activities. Improving the food retail environment increases access, availability, and affordability of healthier foods and beverages.

The guide is designed for state-level public health practitioners, particularly those working in nutrition and obesity prevention. However, many action items and examples are applicable at regional and community levels.

This Action Guide is organized around public health roles, including facilitating partnerships, conducting assessments, providing technical assistance, or coordinating the work of local public health or communities.

Front Matter and Introduction [PDF-936KB]
Includes notice to readers, acknowledgements, table of contents, purpose and audience for the guide, rationale for the guide, how to use the guide, and organization of the guide.

Chapter 1: Partnerships, Assessment, and Evaluation [PDF-1.2MB]
Focuses on partnership development and includes two partnership activities often conducted with partners – assessment and evaluation.

Chapter 2: Grocery Stores [PDF-936KB]
Describes strategies that encourage full service grocery stores to locate in underserved areas or that support existing stores in supplying and marketing healthier items.

Chapter 3: Small Stores  [PDF-919KB]
Describes improving small stores in underserved areas to increase the accessibility and promotion of healthier foods.

Chapter 4: Farmers Markets [PDF-1.1MB]
Provides information on developing new farmers markets and supporting existing markets, with emphasis on providing nutrition assistance program benefits at the markets.

Chapter 5: Mobile Food Retail [PDF-726KB]
Describes developing initiatives to encourage healthier mobile food retailers operate in underserved areas.

Chapter 6: Transportation [PDF-632KB]
Discusses options for developing safe and viable transportation options for people to travel to healthier food retail venues.

Chapter 7: Distribution [PDF-815KB]
Offers strategies for sourcing and distributing healthier foods for retail venues, including local or regional foods.

References [PDF-288KB]

Appendix A [PDF-244KB]
Provides a table of evaluation questions, indicators, and data sources for healthier food retail strategies.

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