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Nutrition Guidelines and Recommendations

At a glance

Nutrition guidelines and recommendations can inform public health approaches to improving nutrition. This includes food service and dietary guidelines and recommendations for communities, schools, healthy pregnancies, and breastfeeding.

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Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Designed for policymakers and nutrition and health professionals to develop, implement, and evaluate food, nutrition, and health policies and programs. These guidelines are the basis for federal nutrition education materials for the public. The guidelines aim to help all individuals and their families consume a healthy diet.

Food Service Guidelines
Standards to create a food environment in which healthy eating is easier. Using the guidelines can increase the availability of healthier foods and beverages. This gives consumers the choice to select healthier options.

Community Guide Findings for Nutrition
Summary of evidence and supporting materials for work to improve nutrition. The guide is from the Community Preventive Services Task Force.

School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Research and best practices to promote healthy eating and physical activity in schools. The nine guidelines are for grades K-12.

Recommendations for healthy pregnancies

400 micrograms of folic acid every day.

There is no safe time for alcohol use during pregnancy.

Recommendations while breastfeeding

Essential vitamin and minerals.

Alcohol consumption.