NSSP Update – July 2020

NSSP Update

A Technical Newsletter for the NSSP Community of Practice | July 2020

The National Syndromic Surveillance Program issues NSSP Update monthly to share the latest Community of Practice activities, technical and program updates, and ways in which syndromic surveillance is improving public health.


The NSSP Community of Practice wants to support YOU and all its members during this unprecedented time. If you would like the NSSP Community of Practice to set up a call or webinar to share information about COVID-19, please email syndromic@cste.org.

NSSP Community of Practice


Interstate Sharing of Opioid Data

This month’s updates for the Community of Practice include Interstate Sharing of Opioid Data and the 2020 Symposium.

Read all Community of Practice Updates.

Syndromic Surveillance in Action


Syndromic Data Used to Monitor Transfer of Patients

Arizona uses syndromic surveillance to monitor patients with suspected Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to continue preventative treatment during a hospital transfer.

States and communities use syndromic surveillance data to investigate and respond to potential health threats, sharing data with CDC for action. Read their stories.

NSSP Community of Practice

Syndrome Definitions Added

Several syndrome definitions available for use in ESSENCE have been recently added to the NSSP Community of Practice Knowledge Repository: pregnancy, delivery, and miscarriage; medication refill; and Legionella v1.

See the NSSP Community of Practice Knowledge Repository for more syndrome definitions.

View a list of A-Z topics for developing syndrome definitions.

ESSENCE word cloud queries

Monthly National-level Free-text ESSENCE Queries

Analysts can exercise a high level of customization by using free-text queries. They can quickly code free-text queries and rapidly respond to outbreaks, disasters, and health events that unfold. These word clouds capture free-text queries from a national perspective.

Technical Frequently Asked Questions

More of Your Questions Answered

Does NSSP plan to expand lab orders and results to reportable conditions beyond COVID-19 testing?

Read our frequently asked questions and answers about technical topics.

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July NSSP upgrade of development and testing servers
July 21 NSSP vendor patches in Testing and Development environments: 6:00–10:00 AM ET
July 21 NSSP Community of Practice Call (Monthly): 3:00–4:30 PM ET
July 23 NSSP vendor patches in Onboarding and Production environments: 6:00–10:00 AM ET
August 5 Syndrome Definition Subcommittee Call (Monthly): 1:00–2:00 PM ET
August 7 Syndromic Surveillance and Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Subcommittee (SPHERR) Subcommittee (Monthly): 2:00–2:45 PM ET
August 10 NSSP CoP Core Committee Call (Monthly): 1:00–2:30 PM ET
August 14 Data Quality Subcommittee Call (Monthly): 12:00–1:00 PM ET
August 18 NSSP Community of Practice Call (Monthly): 3:00–4:30 PM ET

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