NSSP Participation and Coverage

Participation: The map below shows participation in NSSP as of December 31, 2019, with 59 sites (47 states and the District of Columbia).

Participation Map
About 71% of the nation's emergency departments submit data to the BioSense Platform

Definitions: NSSP consolidates facilities that provide data under a single data administrative authority called a site administrator. These facilities and single-site administrator constitute a site.

Coverage: NSSP publishes data for emergency department (ED) visit coverage each quarter. As of December 31, 2019, data from EDs covered about 71% of all ED visits in the country. There were 4,855 facilities, including 3,208 EDs from 59 sites (47 states and the District of Columbia), actively contributing data to the NSSP BioSense Platform. The calculation method is described in the December 2018 issuepdf icon of NSSP Update.

Page last reviewed: November 7, 2019