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Welcome to the NSSP technical resources page for syndromic surveillance practitioners! These resources will help you bring facilities onboard the BioSense Platform, update your Master Facility Tables, get started using the Platform tools, and comply with HL7 case notifications from mapping guides. If you have questions or would like technical assistance, please contact the Service Desk (account required).

Canadian wildfire burning with smoke


Asthma-Associated Emergency Department Visits During the Canadian Wildfire Smoke Episodes—United States, April–August 2023

Emergency department visits for asthma were 17% higher than expected during 19 days of wildfire smoke that occurred during April–August 2023.

woman looking as seeker


The Case of the Missing Chief Complaint

Sometimes uncovering the truth about data is a challenge. Sometimes it’s a true mystery. This whodunit will guide your search for clues as to why Chief Complaint can have low completeness by visit and suggests several ways to fix the problem.

null syntax part 8 green v2


Free-Text Coding Part 8: !TERM! Syntax

This shorthand coding method lets you specify inclusion criteria and avoid numerous negations.

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