NSSP Adds Priority Column to Data Dictionary

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The ArchiveProcessed tab has been updated to include a “Priority” column. This column contains the NSSP priority level for each processed data element.

Processed data elements have four priority levels:

  • Priority 1 data elements are considered key syndromic fields that significantly affect processing and downstream meaningfulness of data. When onboarding new facilities to NSSP, facilities are required to have 90% or more completeness for each of these fields.
  • Priority 2 data elements are fields significant to processing but not required to meet a completeness standard at the time of onboarding. Sites are provided a year to work with the facilities and vendors to improve completeness.
  • Priority 3 data elements are fields provided some flexibility on their completeness. Low completeness for these fields usually does not affect processing, although depending on the syndromic question at hand, can affect data usability.
  • Lastly, the Priority 99 data elements are ones whose completeness was determined to independently have the lowest impact on processing.

See Job Aid: Syndromic Data Element Prioritization