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Devices with Sharps Injury Protection Features

What is a Device with Sharps Injury Protection (SIP)?

Devices with SIP features (referred to by OSHA as Sharps with Engineered Sharps Injury Protection – SESIPs), have engineering controls that are built into the product and are designed to prevent sharps injuries. SIPs come in various types – from devices with needles that retract or are covered by a sheath or shield, to needleless systems that do not use a needle or sharp at all. Safer alternatives can be highly effective in substantially reducing injuries and preventing exposures. It is important that SIP features are activated and immediately and safely disposed of in order to protect not only the user from injury, but anyone that may come into contact with that device downstream. Nearly 25% of all injuries occur to non-users of devices, therefore it is critical to not just use devices with SIPs, but to activate its safety feature. (EPINet 2017)

Where can I get additional information?

Looking for information about specific kinds of safer sharps devices? Here are some helpful websites.

  1. International Safety Center
    An organization committed to improving the safety and health of healthcare workers.
  2. International Sharps Injury Prevention Society
    New medical safety devices are categorized within their medical application. The list includes both modified sharps devices, and alternative devices which eliminate the use of sharps entirely.
  3. University of Massachusetts – Lowell
    Devices and manufacturers along with comments on each device
  4. NIOSH Guide to Safer Medical Device Implementation
    Health care facilities share their experiences on how they implemented safer medical devices in their settings