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Newsletter Articles


Most organizations have internal staff newsletters that provide another information channel to reach your audience. The sample documents below are intended to guide the development of weekly newsletter articles, which should coordinate with your weekly blitz messages.

How to use newsletter templates

The following sample newsletter articles correspond with weekly blitz themes featured on the sample safety blitz outline word icon[DOC – 11 KB] andf Sample Blitz Outline in PDF format pdf icon. The format presented can be used to organize other topics that you may want to develop for your facility’s specific needs. Additionally, you may want to check with sources such as the following for updated statistics and recommendations to include in your newsletter articles: Massachusetts Office for Health and Human Servicesexternal icon, Exposure Prevention Information Network (EPINet)external icon, and the American College of Surgeonsexternal icon.
Safety blitz outline in PDF format

Each template is provided as a Microsoft Word document and as a PDF.

Page last reviewed: June 26, 2013