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Safety Culture: What Can You Do to Reduce Sharps Injuries?

Top management (V.P. and above)

  • Endorse the STOP STICKS campaign objectives and communicate to all staff (including management, clinical, and non-clinical) the organization’s commitment to the safety campaign. Ask managers and staff to also commit time and resources to the campaign.
  • Attend briefing (or read materials) on establishing a safety culture and safety climate in health care organizations. Do at least three activities to increase safety culture in your organization.
  • Arrange for the COO or a representative to attend a director-level briefing and ask for directors to endorse the campaign.
  • Approve campaign posters and other materials as needed.
  • Ask director-level managers to encourage participation in campaign evaluation activities. Read evaluation reports on the campaign’s effectiveness. Approve any additional activities that may evolve from the evaluation process.


  • Attend the STOP STICKS campaign briefing (part of regular directors meetings).
  • Attend the safety culture/safety climate briefing (part of regular directors meetings).
  • Endorse the STOP STICKS campaign in a memo or other messages to lower managers.
  • Require lower-level managers to attend campaign briefings on safety climate, safer sharps adoption, injury reporting, and observational methods.
  • Require lower-level managers to deliver campaign messages on risk factors, safer sharps adoption, safety climate, and injury reporting to front-line workers.
  • Ask all supervisors to encourage voluntary staff participation in campaign evaluation efforts (pre- and post-testing, observations, face-to-face interviews).