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Preparing a Blitz

Gain management support

Before investing the time in creating a campaign, make sure that you get buy-in from management. Creating support from other employees can effectively demonstrate interest in and illuminate the importance of addressing sharps injuries at your facility. Craft a proposal that outlines the problem, explains how your campaign will address the problem, identifies the STOP STICKS resources at your disposal, and projects your expected outcome.

The results of your audience analysis will help you understand your audience and their needs and preferences. Use this information to guide you in developing the blitz messages, selecting appropriate templates for materials, and choosing channels for delivering those messages.

Begin with creating a timeline to help you gather information and assets you will need to customize the templates provided.

Create a production timeline that addresses the steps in your process

  1. Analyze the audience.
  2. Choose the number of blitzes. You will need to address specific needs of the audiences identified in the audience analysis.
  3. Create messages and determine the appropriate channels for message delivery.
  4. Select templates that are appropriate for your dissemination channels.
  5. Gather information and visuals needed to powerfully support your blitz messages.
  6. Select vendors or schedule facility services to create the blitz materials.

Types of information and visuals for templates